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Remedies for Success in Education

February 24, 2023 | Total Views : 600
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Education, What It Means To Life?

Education can be termed the vital aspect that gives life, its very meaning! It is the learning and scholarship that broaden people's outlook of the world they live in and remain the launching pad for acquiring confidence, honor, self-respect, vocation, power, social status, success, wealth, and, thus, a fulfilling life.

However, at times, even the best efforts of students do not produce the expected results; while the students also often get plagued by distractions, a lack of focus, and poor absorption and retention powers, due to various reasons.   

The ancient and time-tested science of astrology can identify the reasons for such conditions and suggest simple and easy-to-perform remedies, which can provide potent solutions to problems and help students excel in their studies.

Here, let us learn about some such remedies for educational success.

Remedies for Educational Excellence

There is nothing like Divine grace, which can work miracles and make wonders happen. Students and people can seek such a Godly intervention to achieve excellence in their educational pursuits. Saraswati is the Goddess of Learning, and students can pray to her with devotion, sincerity, and faith before they start studying their lessons. They can also have an image or picture of the Goddess on the study table or at least in the study room. 'Om Shreem Hreem Saraswatyai Namaha' is a powerful Mantra dedicated to Saraswati. Students can also chant this Mantra 21 times and seek the Goddess' Divine blessings.  

Tulsi is held as Sacred as it is valued for its therapeutic powers. People can give their children one teaspoon of the juice extracted from these basil leaves, mixed with a spoon of honey, daily in the morning, preferably after breakfast. That should improve their ability to absorb and retain lessons in memory.

Colors can influence one’s thoughts, and outlook, so beneficial colors can contribute to a positive atmosphere. Further, Green is the color of the planet Mercury, which signifies intellect; Orange is that of Jupiter, which stands for wisdom, while the shade of the Sun that denotes brightness, power, and fame is Yellow. Hence the colors green, yellow, and orange can inspire more interest in studies and help improve the students' intellectual capabilities. These colors are believed to emit a positive aura, which can hence be used generously in the study room. You can paint the room and also have curtains, tables, or partitions in these colors, which can help fill the space with positive energy and enhance the students' power of concentration and focus.

The Sun is the king of planets, who can grant courage, authority, and preeminence in life, and his benign blessings can act as an effective remedy for good education. So, people can worship the Sun every morning by offering water, rose petals, and sugar in a copper vessel as oblations and seek his blessings for their children's success in their studies. They can also donate some red items to the needy, which, too, can prove beneficial, while refraining from consuming salt on Sundays, the Sun-ruled weekdays.

Additionally, people can recite the highly efficacious Gayatri Mantra, which can help overcome many problems. Parents can teach this Mantra to their children and make them recite it 21 times daily along with the chants of 'Om.' That should help overcome the shortcomings the children are facing in their studies, improve their interest and focus on their lessons, make lady luck smile on them, and help them perform well in their chosen line.         

The favorable positioning of Mercury, the causative planet for intellect, is a must for excelling in studies; on the other hand, its poor placement can cause mental disturbance while studying. In order to strengthen planet Mercury and seek its favors, people can offer a green cloth with green cardamom and Dhruva and Moong seeds placed in it to Lord Ganesha, who represents wisdom. This worship can help children develop intelligence, acquire more knowledge, and do well in their studies.

In addition, you can make the children wear a small piece of copper tied to a chain, which can also help them concentrate better on their lessons. Besides, placing the study table so that the children face the north, east, or northeast direction while studying can also help in their studies.

Besides, people can also make an oblation of 5 different varieties of sweets to the Peepal tree, along with 2 pieces of green cardamoms, on 3 consecutive Thursdays.   

Planet Jupiter, revered as Guru, can bestow good learning and wisdom. Children can be taught to pray to Guru Bhagavan and seek his grace for excellence in their studies.

The students can sit facing the eastern direction, calm their minds and compose themselves, and start reciting the following Guru Mantra 108 times, preferably holding a Tulsi Mala, on Wednesdays.       

Guru Graha Gaye Padhan Raghu Rai,

Alp Kaalvidya Sab Pai

Students can follow these simple remedies, along with putting dedicated efforts to emerge victorious in their educational pursuits.  


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