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Jupiter transit 2021 effects on Sagittarius Moon Sign

September 24, 2021 | Total Views : 33
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Jupiter Transit 2021 for Sagittarius:

There are 9 planets or Grahas according to Vedic astrology. They are also called the Navagrahas, and among them, Jupiter or Guru is said to be the most auspicious and benevolent. It is the planet of good fortune, and hence its impact on our life is often positive. 

Jupiter is now in the sign of Capricorn, and it will transit into the sign of Aquarius on Sunday, 21st November 2021, at 02.06 PM (IST). As the 11th zodiac sign, Aquarius falls under the “Kama Houses” (House of desires). It is known to bring gains and expansion, and being of fixed nature, the gains received may also be enduring. During this Jupiter transit 2021, people will want to manage their time well. They may become more careful in all that they do. This transit is good for innovation, new technologies, and scientific research. It will make one interact with others and expand their social networks. 

The transit will have many effects on the lives of people born under all the 12 zodiac signs. Take a look at how it can affect your Moon sign. Talk To World’s Best Astrologers On Call @ Astro Speaks

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Jupiter in the 3rd House or Muyarchchi Sthana:

Aquarius is Sagittarius’ 3rd House, or Muyarchchi Sthana, the House of Initiatives and Efforts; so this transit may help you to attain success in all your endeavors. You may acquire properties or translocate to other places at this time. Jupiter will cast its 5th aspect on Sagittarius’ House of the Spouse, 7th aspect on the House of Fortune, and 9th aspect on the House of Profits. Hence, this transit can be very beneficial for you as your wishes may come true. If you were hoping to get married, this may be an ideal time. Also, auspicious events like childbirth may take place in your family. You may also purchase assets like vehicles, land, buildings, etc.

Lovers might share more intimacy during this period. You and your beloved may go on some pleasure trips, which will delight them. The intimacy between spouses, too, could deepen, and the married may have a blissful and harmonious relationship.

Your relationship with siblings, both elder and younger, may become stronger at this time. You may also have a good bond with your children. But there may be some problems with your mother’s health. Family responsibilities, too, may increase during this transit. However, you may be able to develop friendships with some good people, and this may prove beneficial to you. Peace will reign in the family, and there are some chances for auspicious events like marriage and childbirth to occur, as well.

Your health may be in fine fettle. Still, it is possible that some may suffer from minor health issues like back pain and migraine. But these may persist for a short while only. There may be some tension or anxiety. Try to reduce them by practicing Yoga and meditation. Follow dietary restrictions, too, as this can help you ensure good health.
Money Flow:

This Jupiter transit may improve the financial fortunes of employed natives and also bring good profits for businesspersons. Some of you may have to take loans for the purpose of children’s education. There may be some expenses for buying certain utility items for your home or wooden furniture.
Work and Business:

Those who are in government jobs may get to work closely with their superiors, who may give them good guidance in their career. Those working for private sector firms may get chances to embark on work-related foreign trips. If you are involved in the partnership business, your partners may extend their wholehearted cooperation to you. It is a good time to make handsome profits in business ventures.

School students may be rather distracted and lose focus. They need to study with total attention and full focus if they wish to succeed in their educational pursuits and get good marks in exams. Also, those who have finished their college education may pursue research work. Students who need educational assistance may get it now.
Transit Remedies:

  • Donate food to Lord Shiva devotees
  • Wear yellow clothes on all Thursdays for success
  • To advance in life, help students in their studies

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