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Dos and Don’ts during Chaitra Navaratri

April 1, 2019 | Total Views : 1,897
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Chaitra Navaratri is celebrated in most parts of India. It is celebrated for nine days during which people worship the nine forms of Goddess Durga. The festival is usually celebrated during Chaitra month (April-May). It celebrates Shakti or feminine power. It is very important to followers of the Shaktha sect. The festival falls during a very auspicious time. If one needs to start a venture and there is no suitable muhurat during the rest of the year, one can start it during the Navaratri period and find success. But there are certain things one should not do during this period. 

Here are the various dos and don’ts during Navaratri.

Be clean

Take daily baths and wear clean clothes. 

Observe fast

Observe the Navaratri fasts. This will bestow the blessings of Goddess Durga and also help detox your body. 

Ashtami Pooja

The 8th day worship for the Goddess is very important. Mantras and Stotram of the Goddess should be chanted. Nine girls must be fed as part of the Kanya Puja.

Visit the temple 

Try to visit the temple. Some people prefer to pray to the Goddess’s idol at home and do not go to the temple. This will reduce the blessings you receive.

Offer clean water

Offer clean, fresh water daily to the Goddess if you have her idol at home.

No footwear at home

Don’t wear chappals or shoes inside your house, especially when Goddess Durga is installed in your house.

Decorate the idol

Decorate the Mother Goddess’s image, whether it’s a Kalash or an idol. Flowers and a red piece of cloth can be used to decorate her.

Don’t lock the house 

The house should not be kept closed. Someone should always remain at home in case you need to go out for it is said that the Goddess may visit your house during this period. 

Avoid rice and salt 

Rice should never be offered as it is inauspicious to offer Durga, bhog made of rice. Fruits and kheer (made of makhana) are ideal. Rice or salt should not be consumed as it can bring bad luck. 

Light lamps

A holy lamp should be lit and kept in front of the Goddess’s idol. It should not go out during the entire period of Navaratri. 

  • Observe Brahmacharya 
  • Observe celibacy during all the days of Navaratri. 

Completely Avoid The Following

When cooking food, don’t do tadka or seasoning. Usually, in Indian kitchens, when a curry is prepared, people season the dish by frying some mustard, curry leaves, dals, etc., and it is poured last on the prepared dish. This is not recommended during the Navaratri days. 

Waste should not be discarded. Hair, beard and nails should not be cut and disposed of during this time. Non-vegetarian food should not be consumed. Sattvik food is more suitable at this time.

Black clothes should not be used as it angers the goddess. Daytime sleep must be avoided as the Vishnu Purana says it’s inauspicious.

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