For Divine Protection, Power, Victory, Overall Well-Being & Salvation

Invoke Goddess Rajarajeshwari, Lalita & Primordial Divine Feminine Power

Grand Fire Lab with 2 Sacred Hymns Chanting | 3 Unique Goddess Poojas

Mar. 30, 2023
“Power and energy are not masculine, but feminine. This is the greatest finding of the Yogis of India. Beauty, expansion, fertility, joy, abundance – all these are the qualities of the feminine. Female energy is the most powerful energy.”
~ Dr. Pillai



Vasant Navaratri: Nine Spring Power Nights to Invoke 70 Goddesses with 101 Sacred Rituals

Vasant Navaratri, the spring powertime of the Goddess celebrated in the month of Chitra (March – April per Drik Almanac), is the nine nights when her revitalizing energy is available in abundance on the earthplane to help awaken your prosperity consciousness, fulfill your desires, drive away negativity and fear, prevent misfortunes, and give you knowledge, peace, good progeny, and auspiciousness of all kinds.
AstroVed will be invoking 70 All-Powerful Forms of the Divine Feminine Archetypal Energy in our 9-Day Grand Vasant Navaratri Ceremonies as Goddess Gnanambika, Raja Shyamala, Manonmani, Bala Tripura Sundari, Rajarajeshwari, Bhuvaneshwari, and the 64 Yoginis of Goddess Lalita, with 101 sacred Goddess rituals, to help you gain the grace and multifold blessings of the preeminent, omnipotent Goddess to manifest affluence, gain prosperity, protection, and happiness, imbue a positive spirit, and cultivate a winners’ consciousness to accomplish your goals in life, and attain success.
Vasant Navaratri 2023: Nine Spring Power Nights to Invoke 70 Goddesses with 101 Sacred Rituals

Divine Attributes & Blessings of Seventy All-Powerful Forms of the Goddess

#1- Gnanambika (Goddess of Wisdom)

Gnanambika is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati (Shakti). This benevolent Goddess is the consort of Shiva and helps in attaining Divine wisdom to follow the path of Supreme Truth and overcome illusions. Associated with the power of knowledge and a symbol of family life, she is a merciful Mother who answers sincere prayers.

#2- Raja Shyamala Devi (Goddess of Spoken Word)

Raja Shyamala, also called Raja Matangi Devi, is the three-eyed Goddess Shakti, Counselor to the Supreme Goddess Lalita, and Controller of Mercury (Planet Signifying Intelligence and Communication). According to the Brahmanda Purana, she is the Goddess of the Spoken Word and the outward articulation of inner knowledge, including all forms of art, music, and dance. She is known as Veda Mata (Mother of Vedas) and is represented as an Adi Devata (Presiding Divinity).

#3- 64 Yoginis (Mega-Powerful Manifestations of Goddess Lalita)

According to the sacred text ‘Lalitopakhyanam,’ Supreme Goddess Lalita manifested in 64 mega-powerful forms called ‘Yoginis.’ They serve as messengers to carry our prayers to her. These Yoginis have the power to fulfill your dreams, remove negativity and fear, eliminate misfortunes, and grant you wisdom, peace, all-around wealth, good progeny, and auspiciousness in your life.

#4- Manonmani Devi (Goddess of Mind Power & Conqueror of Enemies)

Manonmani Devi represents Mantra Shakti (Mind Power) and is the consort of Sadashiva (Highest Manifestation of Shiva), who emerged as the feminine form of Paramashiva. She took birth as Goddess Sati and later as Parvati, and is the embodiment of Iccha (Desire), Gnana (Intellect) and Kriya (Action) Shakti, and the Parashakti (Supreme Power) who controls everything and grants the power and intelligence to overcome enemies, destroy fears and impediments, and attain prosperity.

#5- Rajarajeshwari (Supreme Goddess of the Sri Chakra)

Rajarajeshwari, also known as Goddess Lalita, is the Presiding Goddess of the Sri Chakra, the epicenter of the total cosmic energy that is dispersed outwards to all living beings and where all Divine Goddesses reside. She is the sum total of all the energies of the Cosmos, has authority over transcendental knowledge and wisdom, and rules over the Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva). She gives immeasurable wealth, removes all sorrows and gives only happiness, and bestows her creative and life-enhancing energy to lead a prosperous life.

#6- Bala Tripura Sundari (Child Form of Goddess Lalita Devi)

Sri Bala is a Miracle Goddess revered as a 9-year-old girl and is hailed as the epitome of eternal beauty, power, wisdom, courage, and compassion. She is a Divine combination of Goddess Saraswati’s wisdom, Goddess Kali’s powerful, charismatic energy, and Goddess Lalita’s prosperity. Scriptures mention that propitiating her as Vasant Bala Tripura Sundari can bestow beauty, wealth, fame, fortune, material comforts, and overall abundance.

#7- Bhuvaneshwari (Queen of the Universe)

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, a fierce form of Shakti, is one among the Dasa Maha Vidyas (10 Wisdom Goddesses), who rules over the entire Universe. She is hailed as Aditi, the infinite and all-encompassing Mother who holds the entire space in her cosmic womb, and sustains and protects all creation. According to ancient Vedic texts, she is the earliest form of Divine energy who can overrule even the mighty Navagrahas, the nine planets who decide our destinies, and can grant the power, knowledge, and determination to achieve overall success.


According to sacred texts, Powerspot beliefs, and traditional practices, performing the below rituals to invoke the Goddess during Vasanta Navaratri can bestow immense blessings

Day 1-3: 2 Grand Fire Labs with 3 Sacred Hymns Chanting and Unique Goddess Pooja To Materialize Desires, Negate Planetary Afflictions, Improve Knowledge, Career & Business Progress

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Lalita Sahasranamam Parayanam & Navavarana Pooja

Day 1: Lalita Sahasranamam Parayanam (1000 Names of Goddess Lalita Chanting) & Navavarana Pooja (Pooja Close to the Heart of the Goddess)

Lalita Sahasranamam is also known as Rahasya Nama Sahasra (Thousand Secret Names), and was given to Sage Agastya by the horse headed avatar of Vishnu, Hayagriva, the Fount of Infinte Wisdom, to invoke her for material and spiritual upliftment, knowledge, growth, success and desire fulfillment
The term ‘Navavarana’ refers to the nine triangles or layers that signify a specific aspect of the Divine Goddess’ powers of wisdom, love, and consciousness. This Pooja is close to the heart of the Goddess and considered the highest worship of Goddess as it invokes all Divine Goddesses residing within it. As per the sacred text Lalitopakhyanam, participating in this Pooja can fulfill your desires, give you prosperity and happiness and help annihilate negativities
  • Fulfills all earnest wishes
  • Frees from the burden of financial debt
  • Grants auspiciousness & affluence
  • Absolves past & present life negative Karma
  • Bestows strength, success & protection from untimely demise
  • Mitigates planetary afflictions, dangers & threats
  • Bestows wealth, abundance & salvation
  • Rejuvenates health & confers longevity
  • Acts as a protective shield against evil & black magic
  • Helps overcome fear of enemies
  • Purifies the mind & grants pure consciousness
  • Confers peace & unity in family

Mar. 22, 2023 at 3:00 am HDT

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Vani Sthavam Chanting & Gnanambika Homa

Day 2: Vani Sthavam (Sacred Hymn in Praise of Goddess Saraswati) Chanting & Gnanambika Homa (Fire Lab for Knowledge & Wish-Fulfillment)

Vani Sthavam is a sacred hymn composed by Sage Yajnavalkya that praises the glorious attributes of Goddess Saraswati (Vani), a Divine union of power and intelligence that gives rise to creation. Called the Mother of the Vedas, she signifies fluidity of thought, speech, and knowledge
Gnanambika is the Goddess of Wisdom who removes all your illusions and grants you the knowledge and intellect to help you attain the path of Supreme Truth. Her merciful and benevolent nature can help you gain mental peace, clear perception and the requisite skills to advance in life
  • Amplifies intelligence, academic skills & memory power
  • Grants relief from adverse effects of Snake Planets Rahu & Ketu
  • Generates wealth of knowledge & wisdom
  • Promotes career & academic progress
  • Fulfills sincere wishes
  • Confers peace & harmony in family life

Mar. 23, 2023 at 3:00 am HDT

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Shyamala Dhandakam Chanting and 5-Priest Raja Shyamala Devi Homa

Day 3: Shyamala Dhandakam (Hymn Extolling the Glory of Goddess Shyamala) Chanting and 5-Priest Raja Shyamala Devi Homa (Fire Lab for Powerful Speech & Intellect)

Shyamala Dhandakam is a sacred verse composed by Sanskrit poet, Kalidasa, glorifying Goddess Shayamala Devi, the three-eyed Goddess of knowledge, speech, music and arts, believed to have originated from the sugarcane bow (Karumbu Vill) of Goddess Sri Lalita Tripura Sundari. She is extremely powerful and bestows her grace in the form of true knowledge and helps you overcome internal negativity
Raja Shyamala Devi is a significant Goddess assisting Mother Goddess Lalita and can bestow immense power and success. She blesses you with innate powers of intelligence and effective communication, a magnetic persona, and the ability to gain control over your adversaries, and mastery over the arts
  • Enhances supreme knowledge, intuition & wisdom
  • Protects from accidents & untimely death
  • Grants skills & talents to achieve worldly goals
  • Protects from misery & money-related sorrows
  • Boost prospects in politics or business
  • Helps control influence of bad Karma & enemies
  • Enhances good fortune, magnetism & mastery over arts
  • Helps overcome hurdles in any government-related problem
  • Materializes desires to reality
  • Eradicates adversity & danger
  • Bestows fame & occult powers
  • Grants power of listening & fluidity of speech
  • Confers happiness & wealth
  • Promotes spiritual growth, peace & improves health
  • Eliminates inner negativity of arrogance, indulgences, ignorance & stubbornness

Mar. 24, 2023 at 3:00 am HDT

Day 4-6: 2 Grand Fire Labs with Sacred Hymn Chanting, Hydration Ceremony and Pooja and Mega-Powerful 64 Yoginis Pooja For Auspiciousness, Prosperity, Miracle Blessings & Siddhi Powers

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64 Yoginis (Divine Feminine Powers) Pooja

Day 4: 64 Yoginis (Divine Feminine Powers) Pooja

According to sacred texts Lalita Sahasranamam and the Vishnu Bhagavata Purana, the 64 Yoginis are powerful manifestations of the Supreme Mother Goddess and possess Divine feminine and magical powers
Yogini means ‘the power that facilitates union’. They are revered as Fertility Goddesses in the Tantric tradition, and are fierce and benevolent. In the sacred text Devi Mahatmyam, they are described as the Army of Goddess Chandika who fought with the demons and annihilated them
  • Confers auspiciousness & prosperity of all kinds
  • Eliminates misfortune, fears & uncertainty
  • Grants knowledge, peace, good progeny & success
  • Drives away negativity & protects against hostile forces
  • Empowers charisma, happiness & harmonious relationships

Mar. 25, 2023 at 3:00 am HDT

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Goddess Manonmani Devi Homa

Day 5: Abishekam (Hydration Ceremony), Archana (Pooja) and Goddess Manonmani Devi Homa (Fire Lab for Protection Against Enemies & Prosperity) by Siddha Priest

Goddess Parvati, the Supreme Shakti manifests as Manonmani Devi, the Ultimate Feminine Energy representing nature, from whom emerged the eight Upa Shaktis (Secondary Powers), creating the Universe. According to the Shiva Mahapurana, she is the Shakti of Sadashiva (Ultimate Comprehensive Form of Shiva) and controls everything
Performing this Fire Lab along with Hydration Ceremony and Pooja by a Siddha Priest following sacred secret protocols can access her powers and grant her benevolent blessings
  • Bestows prosperity, mental strength & confidence
  • Provides mental clarity, acuity & resilience
  • Strikes fear in minds of enemies & nullifies their actions
  • Protects from negative forces & influences
  • Helps gain victory over opponents

Mar. 26, 2023 at 3:00 am HDT

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Bala Kavacham Chanting and Bala Tripura Sundari Homa

Day 6: Bala Kavacham Chanting (Protective Armor of Goddess Bala) and Bala Tripura Sundari Homa (Fire Lab for Protection, Wisdom & Prosperity)

Bala Kavacham (Protective Armor of Goddess Bala) is a powerful hymn that can offer you protection from dark forces, evil entities and negative energies. Devi Mahatmyam highlights the origin of Bala Tripura Sundari from the golden armor of Lalita, to put an end to the demon Bandasura’s 30 sons
Bala always resides at the foot of Goddess Lalita and is considered as the fourth eye and vital breath of the Goddess. According to the Sri Vidya system of Goddess worship, one who wishes to reach Lalita must appease Bala Tripura Sundari and seek her blessings and approval first
  • Bestows Siddhi powers (Supernormal Abilities)
  • Decreases negativity, animosity & misery
  • Eliminates financial debt & worry
  • Empowers popularity, longevity & everlasting wealth
  • Enhances creative power to manifest desires
  • Confers knowledge & wisdom
  • Gives new opportunities for progress
  • Removes different types of obstacles
  • Mitigates karmic issues & afflictions
  • Offers protection against negative influences of planets

Mar. 27, 2023 at 3:00 am HDT

Day 7-9: Grand Fire Lab with 2 Sacred Hymns Chanting and 3 Unique Goddess Poojas For Divine Protection, Power, Victory, Overall Well-Being & Salvation

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Suvasini Pooja

Day 7: Kanya Pooja (Pooja to Young Girl) & Suvasini Pooja (Pooja for Auspiciousness, Prosperity & Peace)

Kanya Pooja symbolizes the Goddess as Kanya Kumari (a Prepubescent Form of Goddess Shakti). Performing this Pooja helps you become aware of the Divine feminine power vested in young girls and honors them as different forms of Goddess Shakti
Suvasini Pooja, also called Suhasini Pooja, involves worship of a Sumangali (Married Woman), considering her as a manifestation of Goddess Durga. It has the power to eliminate all kinds of relationship conflicts, bring positive energy, peace, and abundance into your life
  • Helps resolve Stree curse (Problems Arising from Mistreating Women in a Past Life)
  • Bestows auspiciousness, prosperity & abundance
  • Purifies mind, body & soul
  • Instills authority & power
  • Confers good fortune
  • Supports knowledge, peace & prosperity
  • Gives clear perception & clarity of thought
  • Bestows Moksha (Salvation)

Mar. 28, 2023 at 3:00 am HDT

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Bhagavati Seva

Day 8: Bhagavati Seva (Special Ritual to Invoke Goddess Rajarajeshwari)

This esoteric ritual should only be performed by specially trained Nambudiri priests initiated by a Guru (Teacher). The Divine energy of Goddess Rajarajeshwari is invoked in a large lamp placed on an energized hand-drawn diagram of a Padmam (Lotus), symbolizing the Universe
Invoking the Goddess in the lamp placed in the center of the Padmam, or Lotus, is equivalent to the act of creation as it symbolizes the unification of the 5 elements. This ceremony is intended to restore balance in the environment and bring peace within us and the world
  • Grants relief from negative influences of malefic planets
  • Enhances vitality, health, prosperity & joy
  • Bestows financial success, prosperity & material abundance
  • Nullifies fear, evil spirits & negativity
  • Relieves suffering & re-establishes harmony & serenity
  • Alleviates challenges, hardship & trouble
  • Purifies surroundings & provides positive energy
  • Improves spiritual growth

Mar. 29, 2023 at 3:00 am HDT

Devi Kavacham and Lalita Sahasranamam Chanting and 5-Priest Rajarajeswari Homa

Day 9: Devi Kavacham (Divine Protective Shield of the Goddess) and Lalita Sahasranamam (1000 Names in Praise of Goddess Lalita) Chanting and 5-Priest Rajarajeswari Homa (Fire Lab for Victory, Wealth & Abundance)

Devi Kavacham invokes the Armor of Goddess protection from the nine forms of the Primordial Feminine Power, along with the Sapta Matrikas (Seven Divine Mothers) who wield Divine weapons to destroy bad Karma, negative energy, enemies, and threats to overall well-being
Lalita Sahasranamam is a powerful hymn created by the eight Vaak Devatas (Deities Governing Speech) upon the command of Goddess Lalita herself and glorifies her Divinity in all its diverse qualities
Goddess Rajarajeshwari is hailed as ‘Adhisthana Devata’ (Guardian Deity) of Sri Chakra, ‘Gnana Swaroopini’ (Embodiment of Wisdom), and ‘Aparajita Devi’ (Undefeated One). She is the Goddess who bestows victory over demons, hostile forces and obstacles preventing progress
Perfoming a Fire Lab to the Goddess along with chanting the sacred Goddess hymns can bestow the following blessings
  • Bestows limitless wealth, abundance & success
  • Gives name, fame & control of mental faculties
  • Supplements knowledge, wisdom & intellect
  • Fortifies protection & nourishment
  • Mitigates ancestral afflictions
  • Destroys sins & past life Karma
  • Protects from evil & grants victory over opponents
  • Removes obstacles & negative energies in life
  • Grants good health & overall well-being
  • Helps attain mental peace & stability
  • Bestows Moksha (liberation) & spiritual growth

Mar. 30, 2023 at 3:00 am HDT

Individual Fire Lab with Sacred Hymn Chanting to Shield Against Negativity, Evil Forces, Adversity & Grant All-Round Success

Individual 2-Priest Lalita Sahasranamam Chanting with Bhuvaneshwari Homa* (Fire Lab for All-Round Success)

Lalita Sahasranamam is derived from a sacred text, Lalitopakyanam of the Brahmanda Purana, the chapter of discussion between Hayagriva and Sage Agastya, revering the 1000 names of Goddess Lalita Devi, a manifestation of the Divine Mother, extolling her achievements, powers and glory
Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is hailed as the Queen of the Universe as she sustains and controls the cosmos, and revered as the embodiment of mantra powers. The sacred texts Devi Bhagavatam describes her as the Creator of Prakriti (Nature) and a manifestation of Adi Parashakti who possesses the power of creativity and desire and grants the willpower to succeed
  • Minimizes adverse impact of Moon
  • Grants success in all pursuits
  • Strengthens talent & creativity
  • Fulfills sincere desires
  • Bestows immeasurable wealth
  • Removes sorrow, fear & sins
  • Inspires bravery & self-assurance
  • Shields from adversaries & problems
  • Confers a charismatic personality
  • Absolves sins & consequences
  • Bestows wealth & prosperity
  • Grants family welfare & fame
  • Promotes peace & good health
*Part of Advanced Plus & Advanced Packages

18 Special Poojas & Goddess Powerspot Poojas

9 Days Kum-Kum Archana (Pooja with Red Vermillion Powder) to Maha Meru

Maha Meru is the three-dimensional geometric form of the Sri Chakra, over which Goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari presides. She is the heart and the central point of Maha Meru, signifying she is the Ruler of the Three Worlds and Mother of the Universe, and her blessings can bestow the power of manifestation, grant auspiciousness, safeguard against all dangers
  • Removes Vastu (Construction/Design-Related Problems) & planetary afflictions
  • Destroys dark forces, enemies & negativity
  • Fulfills sincere wishes
  • Confers wealth, abundance & prosperity
  • Removes obstacles & grants success
  • Enhances name & fame
  • Grants good health & happiness
  • Improves spiritual awareness
  • Purifies the environment for optimal flow of positive energy

9 Days Powerspot Poojas (1 Powerspot Per Day)

Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Raja Durgai at Powerspot
  • Confers victory against evil forces
  • Enables success in all undertakings
  • Fulfills sincere desires
  • Bestows prosperity & good fortune
  • Grants relief from various obstacles
  • Resolves all kinds of problems
  • Bestows knowledge to attain goals
  • Provides peace of mind
Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Nishumba Sudhini at Powerspot
  • Instills courage to face challenges
  • Provides victory against enemies
  • Grants protection from dark forces & entities
  • Helps overcome obstacles & adversity
  • Dispels negative energies
Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Vada Bhadrakali at Powerspot
  • Frees from delusion & illusions
  • Grants auspiciousness for new initiatives
  • Gives liberation from internal negativities
  • Removes afflictions & grants quick relief from problems
  • Instills self-confidence & mental strength to overcome adversity
  • Confers success in new endeavors
  • Bestows victory against opponents
Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Lakshmi at Tanjore Powerspot
  • Grants wealth & prosperity
  • Removes financial hardship
  • Gives courage & self-confidence
  • Blesses with progeny
Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Mahalakshmi at Powerspot
  • Helps regain lost jobs & opportunities
  • Grants abundance & prosperity
  • Enhances career growth & progress
  • Fulfills sincere wishes
  • Absolves sins
  • Reunites estranged couples
  • Creates harmony & understanding between couples
  • Enhances relationship bliss, happiness & unity amidst family
Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Lakshmi at Tiruvarur Powerspot
  • Confers job opportunities & career progress
  • Mitigates adverse planetary effects & snake afflictions
  • Grants quick relief from any problem
  • Relieves curses & sins
  • Removes obstacles to seeking suitable life partner
  • Protects from threat of enemies
  • Alleviates health concerns & grants longevity
Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Saraswati at Mayiladuthurai Powerspot
  • Empowers intellectual excellence
  • Grants success in academics & fine arts
  • Enhances profits in business
  • Confers protection, wisdom & skills
Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Saraswati at Kumbakonam Powerspot
  • Grants success in academic pursuits
  • Helps stabilize finances & turns around fortunes
  • Enhances growth & progress in business
  • Confers prosperity & well-being
  • Provides suitable life partner
  • Empowers reconciliation of estranged couples
Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Saraswati at Tanjore Powerspot
  • Confers happiness, name & fame
  • Bestows progress in career
  • Gives creative skills
  • Grants wisdom & enhances intelligence



Advanced Package

 Advanced Package

Goddess Power Nights Grand Finale Advanced Package

Package Description

Join AstroVed’s Goddess Power Nights Grand Finale Advanced Package to attain powerful Goddess blessings through a suite of services which include an Individual Fire Lab with Sacred Hymn Chanting, a Fire Lab with a Sacred Hymn Chanting and 3 Unique Goddess Poojas, 3 Powerspot Poojas and 3 Special Poojas to obtain blessings for protection from hostile intentions, evil-eye, and enemy action, erase worries, impart knowledge, reduce suffering, and remove financial hurdles and obstructions impeding development.
  • Individual 2-Priest Bhuvaneshwari Homa with Lalita Sahasranamam Chanting (Scheduled Per Order Rank on Any of the Three Days)
  • 3-Priest Bhagavati Seva (Special Ritual to Invoke Goddess Rajarajeshwari) on Mar. 29, 2023 at 5.30 pm IST
  • Devi Kavacham (Divine Protective Shield of the Goddess) and Lalita Sahasranamam (1000 Names in Praise of Goddess Lalita) Chanting and 5-Priest Rajarajeswari Homa (Fire Lab for Victory, Wealth & Abundance) on Mar. 30, 2023 at 5.30 pm IST
  • Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Saraswati at Mayiladuthurai Powerspot
  • Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Saraswati at Kumbakonam Powerspot
  • Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Saraswati at Tanjore Powerspot
  • 3 Days Kum-Kum Archana (Pooja with Red Vermillion Powder) to Maha Meru

Basic Package

Basic Package

Goddess Power Nights Grand Finale Basic Package

Package Description

Join AstroVed’s Goddess Power Nights Grand Finale Advanced Package to attain powerful Goddess blessings through a suite of services which include a Fire Lab with a Sacred Hymn Chanting and 3 Unique Goddess Poojas, 3 Powerspot Poojas and 3 Special Poojas to obtain blessings for protection from hostile intentions, evil-eye, and enemy action, erase worries, impart knowledge, reduce suffering, and remove financial hurdles and obstructions impeding development.
  • 3-Priest Bhagavati Seva (Special Ritual to Invoke Goddess Rajarajeshwari) on Mar. 29, 2023 at 5.30 pm IST
  • Devi Kavacham (Divine Protective Shield of the Goddess) and Lalita Sahasranamam (1000 Names in Praise of Goddess Lalita) Chanting and 5-Priest Rajarajeswari Homa (Fire Lab for Victory, Wealth & Abundance) on Mar. 30, 2023 at 5.30 pm IST
  • Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Saraswati at Mayiladuthurai Powerspot
  • Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Saraswati at Kumbakonam Powerspot
  • Archana (Pooja) to Goddess Saraswati at Tanjore Powerspot
  • 3 Days Kum-Kum Archana (Pooja with Red Vermillion Powder) to Maha Meru


Shakti Mala with Trishul Pendant 108 Beads

Shakti Mala with Trishul Pendant 108 Beads

Package Description

The Shakti Mala invokes powerful Divine Feminine energy into your life. The Trishul pendant symbolizes the creation, destruction and preservation aspects, along with three gunas- rajasik, sattvik and tamasik. Together this Mala bestows the immense protective energy of the Primordial Divine Feminine to fulfill your desires, dissolve sins and karmic consequences, amplify wealth creation and progress in life.

Shreem Brzee Mala

Shreem Brzee Mala

Package Description

This Mala bestows the protective grace of Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity & Good Fortune Lakshmi. Wearing this Mala can empower asset creation, wealth building, destroy financial distress and insecurity, banish misfortune and hardship, repair bad money Karma, and bestow prosperity, wealth, and riches.  
Shreem Brzee Mala with Coral

Shreem Brzee Mala with Coral

Package Description

Shreem Brzee is the Lakshmi Wealth Mantra that invokes the Goddess to eliminate financial hardship and bestow prosperity. The powerful rosary Shreem Brzee Mala, can help retain Shreem Brzee energy, deepen connection with wealth consciousness, and attract abundance. With Coral, this Mala can also bestow courage, help overcome adversities, and provide healing.
Spiritual Mala

Spiritual Mala

Package Description

The energized Spiritual Mala invokes the blessings of the Goddess to bestow Divine blessings, destroy ignorance and lack of attention, and grant good understanding and self-actualization.
Bermuda Jade Mala

Bermuda Jade Mala

Package Description

Jade is renowned for its extraordinary capacity to transmit restorative and healing energies. A Mala made of Bermuda Jade can help you become more creative, encourage physical and mental renewal, increase affluence, longevity, and good fortune, and protect you from harmful or hostile energy.
Lakshmi Mala

Lakshmi Mala

Package Description

Goddess Lakshmi is the embodiment of wealth, prosperity and good fortune. Wearing the Lakshmi Mala can help you connect with abundance consciousness, empower opportunities to build wealth, improve income inflow, and grant good fortune for success and progress in life.
1.25-Inch Saraswati Statue

1.25-Inch Saraswati Statue

Package Description

Saraswati is the Goddess of Learning, Knowledge, and Creativity. She represents wisdom, bestows speech, learning, and erudition, as well as discards ignorance that stands in the way of your personal growth and development. Book your 1.25-Inch Sarawati Statue, energized in our Vasant Navaratri ceremonies for academic progress, sharpen memory, focus and concentration, improve mental acuity, improve skills and pursuits of arts.
1.5-Inch Rajarajeshwari Statue

1.5-Inch Rajarajeshwari Statue

Package Description

Goddess Rajarajeshwari is the Goddess of Prosperity, Fertility, Purity, and Abundance. Rajarajeshwari is the personification of the Divine Feminine energy and wisdom. Her metal statue energized in Vasant Navaratri ceremonies can bestow her immensely beneficial blessings to enhance material and spiritual wealth, gratify wants, eliminate fear, eradicate bad spirits, defeat adversaries, neutralize the negative planetary influences.
1.75-Inch Kalpavriksham with Kamadhenu Statue

1.75-Inch Kalpavriksham with Kamadhenu Statue

Package Description

Kamadhenu, the Divine Cow in which all Gods reside, can grant your desires, while Kalpavriksham is the wish-fulfilling Divine tree that emerged from the ocean along with Kamadhenu. Propitiating the Kamadhenu-Kalpavriksha statue energized in our Vasant Navaratri services can bestow their blessings and fulfill all your desires, material needs and empower you to lead a life of safety, wisdom, health and happiness.
2.5-Inch 5-Metal Kamakshi Statue

2.5-Inch 5-Metal Kamakshi Statue

Package Description

Kamakshi is an aspect of Adi Parashakti and is worshipped as the Goddess of Fertility and Auspiciousness who fulfills desires. The five-metal statue of Kamakshi, energized in our Vasant Navaratri Ceremonies can bestow her blessings for love, peace and prosperity.

Vasant Navaratri 2023