Dasa Maha Vidya Puja : Significance, Importance & Benefits

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Dasa Maha Vidya : Puja Significance, Importance & Benefits

September 20, 2022 | Total Views : 97
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In Hinduism, the Divine Feminine embodies great strength and power. They can nurture as well as destroy. They can bestow knowledge as well as wealth. The Maha Vidyas are forms of the Divine Feminine.

The Dasa Maha Vidyas

Dasa means ‘10,’ and Maha Vidya means ‘great knowledge’. The Dasa Maha Vidyas comprise 10 Wisdom Goddesses who symbolize different aspects of divinity. Their role is to guide the spiritual seeker toward liberation. Spiritual seekers can approach these forms with reverence, love, and increasing intimacy. To those who seek knowledge, these forms represent different states of inner awakening on the path to enlightenment.

Each Mahavidya is an aspect of the Divine Mother. According to Hindu mythology, the Dasa Mahavidyas came into being after an argument between Lord Shiva and his consort, Sati (a form of Shakti).

Sati was the daughter of Daksha Prajapati, who was a descendant of Brahma. She married Shiva in the face of stiff opposition from her father. To insult Shiva, Daksha performed a great Yagna. He invited all the deities to the Yagna except Lord Shiva.

Sati came to know about the Yagna from Sage Narada. She asked Shiva’s permission to attend it, saying that she did not need an invitation from her own father. Shiva pointed out that Daksha’s aim was to insult him, and hence, even if Sati took part in the Yagna, the results would not be auspicious. He did his best to prevent Sati from going.

Sati became angry. She felt that Shiva was treating her like an ordinary woman and not as the mother of the entire Universe. So she took the form of the Divine Mother. The oceans raged, and the mountains shook. The wonder of her form filled the atmosphere.

Shiva began to tremble and tried to run. But in whichever direction he fled, the Divine mother stopped him. She assumed ten different forms to block all the ten directions, and so Shiva could not escape from her. Eventually, Sati had her way, but, as Shiva had predicted, the Yagna ended in disaster, with Sati immolating herself in the Yagna fire.

The ten forms of the Divine Mother are called the Dasa Maha Vidya. Each form has her own name, story, qualities, significance, and Mantras. Whether the seeker is after worldly boons or spiritual enlightenment, the Maha Vidyas have the power to bestow them.

The Ten Maha Vidyas

  1. Kali

  2. Tara

  3. TripuraSundari/Shodashi

  4. Bhuvaneshvari

  5. Bhairavi

  6. Chinnamasta

  7. Dhumavati

  8. Bagalamukhi

  9. Matangi

  10. Kamala

Benefits of Dasa Maha Vidya Pooja

Performing Dasa Maha Vidya Pooja has many benefits.

Resolving Court Cases:

∙ The Pooja can bring resolution for those who are dealing with legal matters like divorce, property issues, child custody, etc.

∙ It helps those who have been wrongly accused.

∙ The Pooja is said to be so effective that even if the legal matter is very unfavorable, it can reverse this to your advantage.

Problems in Marriage & Relationships:

∙ Das Maha Vidya Pooja benefits those who have problems in their love life or marriage.

∙ It can remove delays in marriage.

∙ It is helpful for those who are facing issues in intercaste marriage, love marriage, etc.

Warding Off Black Magic & Protection from Enemies:

∙ It can protect you and your loved ones from negative forces.

∙ It can ward off troubles caused by the evil eye, black magic, witchcraft, and enemies.

Success in Gambling:

∙ It helps those who want to win at gambling and for those who want to recover the money lost by gambling.

Financial Problems & Debt Recovery:

∙ The Pooja benefits those who are facing financial problems. It helps you to resolve or recover debts and financial losses.

∙ It can improve the financial situation of an individual and bestow a wealthy and prosperous life.

Apart from performing the Dasa Maha Vidya Pooja, devotees can also do Yantra Pooja and chant Dasa Maha Vidyas Mantras to gain all kinds of benefits and blessings. They can bestow many Siddhis and also remedies for planetary afflictions when Mantra sadhana is done with true devotion, pure intention, and complete surrender.    

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