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April 2019 Gemini Monthly Horoscope Predictions

March 8, 2019 | Total Views : 1,626
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April 2019 Gemini Monthly Horoscope - General

Geminis should be more specific in work. Do not give up on anything and make sincere efforts to complete tasks. Continue working on your assignments by putting in some extra efforts. You may get results only with the hardest efforts. You may lose confidence and that may make you perform poorly. In spite of knowing everything, you may not be able to tackle the situations. You would plan on going for a trip to have fun. Meditation would help in keeping yourself stress-free and give peace of mind. Your health would continue to be normal. You should give importance to your diet.

April 2019 Gemini Monthly Horoscope - Love and Relationship

Your partner may understand your determination in love. You would normally enjoy this period. You should give priority to domestic work which may be challenging to address. A family trip may give utmost satisfaction.

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April 2019 Gemini Monthly Horoscope - Finance

Finance: This is going to be an ordinary month for you. You should think twice before making new commitments. You should avoid impulsive purchases. Avoid risky investments as it may not be profitable. Property matters would be given more importance, it may be either buying or selling. Make sure that would be for your advantage financially.

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April 2019 Gemini Monthly Horoscope - Career

In career, you need to be careful while dealing with authorities; you should not provoke them. You may become somewhat restless and moody. You may keep pending some of the assignments given to you. Your rank would increase if you can change your attitude and work sincerely. You should change the way you respond to situations.

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April 2019 Gemini Monthly Horoscope - Business

Your business ideas would work out, though with some stress. Do not lose confidence. You would execute things properly for betterment in actions. You must remain extra careful as all affairs may go wrong. Journeys in business may not be fruitful. You should understand the pros and cons in work before taking any action.

April 2019 Gemini Monthly Horoscope - Professionals

Professionals: This is a month of stress and may give progress slowly. You need to do well in the profession. Your professional earnings may go up considerably. You would be recognized for your good conduct and acts of generosity.

April 2019 Gemini Monthly Horoscope - Health

You need to take care of your health. Be particular about your diet. Your expenses may skyrocket  due to travels and the ill-health of family members. Your health may slightly deteriorate and you may have some nagging worries.

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April 2019 Gemini Monthly Horoscope - Student

Students may feel relaxed with the efforts they put in academics. It is good to utilize efforts properly for betterment in work. Your efforts for joining higher education may gain support. You would be eligible for scholarships or financial benefits during training.

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Auspicious dates: 2,3,7,8,10,11,12,15,16,17,19,21,22,24,25,29,30.
Inauspicious dates: 1,4,5,6,9,13,14,18,20,23,26,27,28.

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