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Aadi Perukku - Monsoon Festival for the Goddess

July 5, 2016 | Total Views : 2,680
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Not many people other than the natives of the state of Tamil Nadu in India are aware of the Aadi Perukku festival. Even the people of the modern cosmopolitan city of Chennai may not know of the special day. However, those residing in villages and small townships know all about this one particular day in the month of Aadi. The 18th day is called Aadi Perukku, which falls on August 2nd, and is a time for the Goddess. aadi-perukku-articles

Essence of Aadi Perukku

This year the month of Aadi Perukka takes place during July 16 – August 17, 2016. It is a festival that coincides with the monsoon season, which occurs at the end of the hot summers. When the rain makes waterways it feels as if water is pouring out from everywhere, and the renewed force of this natural occurrence bodes the time for enjoying a vacation or a picnic by a waterfall or a river. These bodies of water swell up with voluminous waves, which farmers welcome because it sows the seeds for vegetation. Aadi Perukku is celebrated specifically for spreading the joy that Nature brings to humans.

Importance of Rivers in Hindu Scriptures

Rivers are very sacred to Hindu scriptures. Satapata Brahmana says, “waters are indeed sacred” (Medhya va Apah S.B.1-1-1-1) and “water is in fact nectar” (Amrtahyapah SB 3-9-4-16). Their never-ending flow has given life to dynamic civilizations, and many of them are still thriving as modern cities in this day in age. As rivers are the most visible forms of nature’s forces giving birth to life on Earth, they have been revered as the creative forces of Goddesses. Almost every river in India denotes a name of a Goddess. Important rivers like Ganges, Kaveri, and Narmada are worshipped even today. During festivals, various offerings and sacrifices take place at these rivers. To this day, bathing in a river before entering a temple or performing a holy act is still considered an act of self-purification.


Aadi Perukku marks the importance of this life-giving force of Nature. On this day, goddesses are worshipped and every temple built on the banks of rivers celebrate with elaborate rituals, attracting people from near and far, because they heed to the call of the Divine Mother. The Sangameswarar Temple located at the rivers of Kaveri, Bhavani and the mystical Amutha; the Bhavaneeswarar temple, which is on the banks of Bhavani river; the Pateeswarar temple on Noyyal river; and the Navakailayam temples on the river Tamrabharani all hold special significance and hold celebrations during this time of year.

Celebrating Aadi Perukku could save the situation

On August 1st, the planet Venus will enter Leo to join Rahu and Mercury, which are already transiting this sign. Leo is ruled by energies of the Sun, and the ambitious, dominating and dogmatic temperament of Leo is not likely to make Venus comfortable. So, the bonds of love in relationship that Venus creates, may likely be affected. You may feel the pressures of expenses and commitments come up in your relationship. Under such circumstances, energies of Mercury could aid you in overcoming any difficult situation with the right mindset. Rahu and Venus together can support you in acquiring wealth. Participating in religious rituals may help you become energized with positive vibrations. Aadi Perukku is ideal for strengthening the energies of Venus by praying to the Goddesses for health, wealth and relationships.


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