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Betel Leaf Reading

I had a consultation with Astrologer D. Kumar. I am totally happy with his answers. He looked into my questions in detail and suggested very good remedies. He is very patient and gave much of his time in resolving all my questions. He has got good knowledge and experience in finding the right solution. I strongly suggest one can depend on his services with confidence. i express my deep thanks and gratitude

Excellent Service From AstroVed

I really appreciate everyone involved to complete my remedies. My heartfelt prayers for every one of you who made this Nadi reading journey a very pleasant and wonderful experience.

I do appreciate every effort you put to make sure that my remedies finished in a timely manner.

I am very thankful to Dr. Pillai and His wonderful team to make a difference in our lives and, to have a trustworthy team who cares about our future.

May God bless all of you.

Astrology Consultation

It was very nice done by vijaya laxmi and my husband very happy and satisfied.

Excellent Service From AstroVed

Excellent customer service, feel a shift with the ritual. Thank you astroved

Satisfaction With The Service

I am very happy with the Godesses Sri Bagalamukhi Homa.
The four Priests done their job very well.

Astrology Consultation

Yes It is True,Predictions are accurate.

Faithful Predictions

I ordered the Favorable Deity Report to find out which deity was most favourable to me and it so happens that it was Lord Shiva, whom I’ve resonated with – his character and story very much empathises with me. I can see why he is my favourable deity. The astrology report was very precise and technical and given my basic understanding with astrology, I can understand why my favourable deity is Lord Shiva.

Authentic Service

I have been very fortunate to partake of ancestor remedies both in person (Kerala, India) and by proxy through the year-long offerings from Astroved. The relief I have experienced is profound, uplifting, and really, beyond comprehension.

It is a divine gift, pure and simple. No human therapy or counseling or pharmaceutical treatment could even come close to the change in my thoughts, feelings, material circumstances, and general well-being that can be traced to the performance of these rituals on my behalf. I know that my family has benefited as well, since my ancestors are their ancestors.

Not all of my family share my beliefs, but luckily belief doesn’t matter, the results happen with or without it. It is spiritual science – cause and effect – the rituals are done and the effect follows. Pure and simple. Even if my family doesn’t know why these positive changes have occurred in their lives, why they feel better, why things started to get better – I do. It all began precisely at the onset of my ancestor rituals.

My life and those of my family have markedly improved. Long standing problems – seemingly insurmountable – have dissolved. New opportunities appeared, seemingly “out of the blue.” Mental anguish and depressive episodes have lifted and become either a thing of the past or manageable.

I know in my heart and my mind that Dr. Pillai’s advice about appeasing ancestors as a way to solve life’s problems is true. I have experienced profound changes myself and I am appreciative of everything. I am also grateful that my family has been blessed with this same grace in a wonderful, unexpected ripple effect. Divine interference is real. Thank God for that.

Benevolent Service

respected sir/madam
i am having tears of happiness while writing a review .i get puja done through astroved once in a year when i am terribly in trouble and the pooja performed gives me light that very soon me and my family coming out of the trouble and finally i come out of it.some times due to finances i am not able to get every pooja done but whatever i get it done through astroved it works .thanks to astroved thanks to dr.pillai who showed us this path .
sonia varun australia

Appreciable Horoscope Prediction Service

just i am amazed by your predictions . you guys have accurate predictions. i always look my horoscope. thank you for providing these facilities. 🙂

individual Karuppasamy homa - Appreciable Horoscope Prediction Service

i was lying jobless for past 1 year.i ordered one karuppasamy homa on 25th May’17 & i got job offer letter on 15th jun’17 & joined in 1st jul’17.Got very quick results from this

Informative - Appreciable Horoscope Prediction Service

It was very informative.Helped me out…..i will be alert and cautious