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AstroVed Testimonials

Skilled Astrological Reading

Thank you so much for your skillful (astrological) analysis. I have enjoyed reading it very much.

Angel Helps Manifest Daughter's Dream

Reference to your reading, I am very thankful that what Vishnu Mayai said has truly materialized and come true

Today, my daughter is into her first year of dentistry in Medan, Indonesia. It was Baba’s blessing and your prediction that gave our family the full confidence and paved the way for my daughter to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a Doctor.

I must say though that the journey was not smooth, we had faced many obstacles. Firstly, we had no saving and as the time was drawing closer for her registration, where we had to pay a huge amount upfront, a buyer came forth to buy our small piece of land that we could not sell for the past 10 years. We were awe struck – this must be truly the blessing of Baba and Vishnu Mayai. He was even so gracious to part with large amount of money for the medical school deposit, even before the transfer of the title could take place.

As the days came closed for her departure to Medan, my daughter lost her original school certificate needed for her registration, we prayed for Baba’s guidance and help and somehow the medical college accepted her police report and Photostat copies until she gets replacement from the Ministry of Education here.

Our family is truly grateful to Baba and Vishnu Mayai for making our dream come true.

Nadi Astrology

My reaction to the information provided by my first Nadi leaf was amazement at some of the personal things Nadi was validating for me at very deep levels. The leaf made a prediction that I would take an immediate trip when certain planets changed signs which I scoffed at as I had no trip planned, and yet, I did end up traveling across the country during that time. The remedies were first done by proxy and later I traveled to India and did them in person. I know these remedies gave me a new future as my path has opened in amazing ways it was not set on before the Nadi. I have a very blessed life, and I am grateful to have experienced the profound power of Nadi. If you feel called to Nadi, be sincere and bring your very best etiquette to the experience as these are deeply divine interactions.

Predictions Par Excellence

Being an astrologer, I have fairly good knowledge about horoscopes. For my horoscope, many of the renowned astrologers were not able to make right predictions about my job and marriage. Whatever they predicted failed. At some moment of time, I stopped believing in this occult science at least for my horoscope.

I have consulted about my Horoscope first in May 2006 and again in June 2008. The predictions given with dasas have almost (90%) come true. I owe my gratitude to the astrologer. When I was struggling in problems he was able to guide me properly and threw light on events. I heartfully thank him for his awesome predictions.

And hope with his exceptional dasa predictions his knowledge definitely will be useful for many people in future. May Jupiter give him great intuition in predictions!

Nadi Astrology

Thanks and I am impressed with all your staff for the Nadi reading. They were all very eager and full of enthusiasm to help us out. Our heartfelt thanks to all who were there to assist us to complete (the reading) to our full satisfaction. I must say you got a first-class team.

Quick Resolution Of Legal Problems

Two days later (after Muruga rituals), some very sticky and complicated things in my life sorted themselves out. The first is that a law suit had been dropped at no cost to me, which was already showing, that it would have taken everything we have and the party had the right to sue us for everything we have. We had been waiting since September, for a reply regarding the law suit, and the other party had not been responding. Since the Muruga ritual, the party replied releasing us from liability to their legal costs.

We also sold a vehicle two years ago. Since we sold it, the vehicle has been in trouble and the party who purchased it from us, was not being held accountable; we were. In Canada, the last registered owner is responsible for all legal problems/costs on a vehicle. Today, which is three days after the Muruga ritual, we spoke with police, and they agreed to release us from the liabilities in relation to this vehicle, and further to that, have located the individual who was involved in the illegal activities.

I am truly grateful to Baba, and AstroVed, and all of the beautiful priests in India who serve us.

Predictions For Good Decision-making

I’m extremely satisfied with the readings from the astrologer every month. The predictions are pin-point accurate. I was able to take important decisions with the readings. Apart from the monthly calls, whenever needed, I always got the guidance and support from the astrologer.

Nadi Astrology

Everything is new and nice in my second Nadi. I saw it two years after seeing my first Nadi. For me this is solid proof that divine grace, rituals and sounds can completely change destiny.

If you want to know how thoughts ‘become’ events, people and things, you must see Nadi.

Solution For Health And Relationship Issues

Just wanted to tell you how much your Poojas and Homas have helped me. I ordered a Tarpanam for myself and my mother last Amavasya, and some Hanuman Pooja. Our relationship has improved, our health, and my relationship with Divine Mother has improved.

The timing was perfect, we are both having favorable astrology for healing karma, and the AstroVed services were the perfect help to make it work.

I have ordered quite a few services from AstroVed over the last few years, and they have all helped considerably. Thank you for providing this valuable service.

Wonderful Result Of Coconut Breaking Ritual

Several months ago, I purchased a ritual remedy from AstroVed for a nonprofit with which I am affiliated called ‘Take a Stand Against Elder Abuse'(TASAEA). This non-profit’s main fundraiser is the Annual Centenarian Banquet which honors local people aged 100-plus. One of the honorees, who has attended all six banquets, happens to be the oldest man in the country, according to Guinness World Records. His name is George Francis.

TASAEA, despite being a very worthy organization, has not grown in the past six years nor has it raised much money for the cause of supporting local elder abuse prevention and intervention programs. Several months ago, I decided to try Divine intervention in the form of an obstacle-removing Coconut Breaking Remedy from AstroVed.

Yesterday, I checked the TASAEA phone messages, and there was a call from a reporter with CNN, wanting to contact George Francis because he is not only the oldest man in the country, he is also the oldest voter, and he voted for Barack Obama. I hurriedly gave the message to his son Tony, and today George Francis was interviewed on CNN! The story is widespread on the Net.

TASAEA has been presented with a unique opportunity to use this wave of publicity surrounding its oldest volunteer, to further the mission of the organization. The Lord does work in mysterious ways!

A Prayer Answered

Recently, I ordered a Pooja for the clearing of karma on Lord Ganesha’s birthday. I have always been prayerful, yet sometimes with all the suffering in my life, I had wondered if there was a God. I knew there is a God and I believed, but my pain didn’t allow me to feel free or love from my heart like I used to. Today, I wanted to say that I feel that love, that happiness and it comes from deep within. I feel this blessing because I came across a book called “Loving Ganesha”. I know in my heart that the prayers that the pundits and priest did for me in India was answered by Lord Ganesha himself, and he sent this book my way so that I may say ‘thank you’.

Nadi Astrology

Thank you so very much. I am so grateful for this gift (of Nadi).