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Virgo Student Yearly Horoscope 2017

Be wary of disinterest, frustration in studies during July, August, September, and October. This may even lead to break in studies. Learning ability and hard work will make you successful. Little bit of scheduling and focus will work wonder.

Characteristics of the Virgo:

Virgo born is practical, careful, thorough, methodical, and capable of handling even unfavorable conditions. Virgo born people have commercial instinct, multiple skills, and intelligence; but also have frequent changeability. A Virgo born is inclined towards administration, law, mathematics, and accounts subjects. Doing more than one work at a time / earning more than one profession is the nature of Virgo people.


To offset the planetary impacts on your life, you can do the following: 1. Support children’s orphanages with food supplies, clothes, and donate money 2. Worship Lord Dattatreya by chanting the mantra “Om Dattatreyaaya Namaha” 108 times daily will fill you with immense peace

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Pray to Lord Vishnu

Perform Mercury Homa

Favorable Months: February, June, July, October, November

Unfavorable Months: January, March, April, August, December

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