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Virgo Career Weekly Horoscope (May 28th 2017 - June 3rd 2017)

2017-05-28 You will be able to achieve progress for the work you do. You will be able to gain appreciation from your superiors. You will be more duty conscious and service minded.

2017-05-29 You will have some disappointments or hurdles in discharging your duties effectively. You have to have finish your work which is on priority.

2017-05-30 You will fulfill your work as per schedule. To your surprise, you will witness that you will be securing recognition for your work. This will make you happy.

2017-05-31 You will be able to earn name and fame from your job. The atmosphere at job front will be good.

2017-06-01 You need to perform your tasks with a determined spirit. By doing this, you will be able to overcome the hurdles that you may face while executing your work.

2017-06-02 Be very attentive and take things a bit relaxed so that you do not overstress yourself at work. Enjoy your work and give your 100 per cent to every task you do and this will definitely be recognized.

2017-06-03 You will find it tough to handle your work. You will have misunderstanding with your colleagues at work.

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