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Virgo Career Weekly Horoscope (July 23rd 2017 - July 29th 2017)

2017-07-23 You will be able to see good results in job. You will gain support of your colleagues and your superiors. You will also get new ideas to improve your work performance.

2017-07-24 Progress related to job will be good. You will be in a position to enjoy chances of holding a position of a team leader where you will have command over your sub-ordinates.

2017-07-25 You will commit mistakes in the job. It will be good for you to use your mind in a good manner to carry out the work with ease.

2017-07-26 You will have more work pressure. You have to work out a better plan to get smooth results from work in your favor.

2017-07-27 There will be slow down in carrying out your job. This may be due to less confidence that you will be having in your mind. It will be good for you to plan your way of work.

2017-07-28 Schedule work that is real important and complete it accordingly so that things do not pile up on you. You can even do away with unnecessary things by proper planning.

2017-07-29 You might experience increased work load. By adopting smart working ways and keeping yourself away from distractions everything can be brought under control.

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