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Virgo General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (July 15th 2018 - July 21st 2018)

2018-07-15 The day could present situations where you may have to compromise on certain comforts. This may be due to stress. Listening to music and watching movies will give you happiness.

2018-07-16 You need to curb any anxiety and insecure feelings which may spring up. Avoid pessimistic thoughts and think positive to achieve better results.

2018-07-17 You might face some unexpected hurdles in the activities you do. Don’t lose heart and deal with your problems boldly and confidently. This will reduce the intensity of the situation and give you the confidence to handle any eventualities that come your way. Be very composed, and your day will turn out to be good.

2018-07-18 You could experience some delays in activities. You need to be patient in approach and plan accordingly. Devote yourself to worshiping God and recite mantras to find relief.

2018-07-19 You may harbor some pessimistic feelings in your mind. You need to overcome such mental blocks. Tough situations arising on the day will make you feel overburdened.

2018-07-20 You need to be very patient to handle the challenges of the day. Keep yourself engaged in amusements by participating in music and theme shows to derive happiness.

2018-07-21 You will be able to secure a lot of extra benefits on this day. Taking major decisions will also pay off. the day. Even small efforts on your part will fetch glorious results.

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