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Virgo General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (July 14th 2019 - July 20th 2019)

2019-07-14 The day will see you brimming with a great deal of enthusiasm to prove your abilities and worth. Bright prospects are foretold for the day. You can make use of the time for taking major decisions.

2019-07-15 You need to be careful in handling your routine activities on this day. Avoid taking major decisions at this point of time. You could also be troubled by some wavering feelings. Spiritual activities will give solace and relief.

2019-07-16 The day may not produce the desired results. You need to strive hard to achieve your goals without relying on luck. Keep yourself relaxed by watching movies, listening to music etc.

2019-07-17 You may not find the day to be very encouraging. You can make good use of the time for religious and spiritual pilgrimages. This will create a lot a self-awareness in your psyche.

2019-07-18 The day is likely to see you with a cheerful and energetic spirit. You will work hard towards your goals with the least expectations of outcome. This will prove to yield fruitful rewards. However, you need to remain calm and relaxed by chanting mantras and observing prayers.

2019-07-19 You may experience some negative feelings due to stress. Try to relax by listening to music. .

2019-07-20 You will be blessed with a jovial sense of humor on this day. This will make the day cheerful and you will be able to turn things around in your favor.

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