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Virgo General Weekly Horoscope (January 14th 2018 - January 20th 2018)

2018-01-14 You need to encourage positive thoughts. It will be wise for you to go for an outing which will make you feel relaxed.

2018-01-15 You have to be patient and practical for the day. You may face some issues related to your siblings as they may cause some trouble to you. It will be wise for you to avoid them.

2018-01-16 The day will not favor smooth results. You need to strive hard and plan well to achieve success in your efforts. Luck may not smile upon you for the day.

2018-01-17 The day is said to be a passive one. You need to think deeply before initiating any action to avoid bad results. You need to handle tough situations with tact and understanding. Postpone any major decision to another day.

2018-01-18 The day will see you filled with feelings of insecurity. Luck will not favor you to accomplish your goals. However, be patient and determined in your approach. Plan your activities well ahead in advance and there are chances to lose basic comforts for the day.

2018-01-19 The day will favor you to develop your skills that will pave way for success. Hard work and determination will enable you to taste success. You will be seen fresh all through the day.

2018-01-20 You will have better levels of motivation in you. You can make the day prosperous by taking the right and sincere efforts. You will be seen very fast in your thinking.

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