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Virgo General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (May 19th 2019 - May 25th 2019)

2019-05-19 Your efforts will yield success and you will be able to carry out all activities with ease. You will enjoy a good amount of luck on this day.

2019-05-20 This could turn out to be an ideal day for achieving your goals. There are also likely chances for some unexpected benefits to come your way.

2019-05-21 You are able to shine well and excel. You will be in a position to satisfy your desires.

2019-05-22 This day may not be ideally suited for further development. You may need to be more practical in your approach. .

2019-05-23 It will be good to maintain good levels of awareness on this day. it would be wise to postpone any auspicious events that are scheduled to take place in your house.

2019-05-24 You need to be more practical in your approach as this is very much needed at this point of time. Making yourself happy will enable you to overcome fatigue and raise confidence levels. Luck may not favor you much.

2019-05-25 The day requires you to be practical and easy going in your approach in all dealings. You could encounter certain hardships in accomplishing your objectives. Keeping your mind relaxed and focused will help bring about positive outcomes.

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