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Leo General Yearly Horoscope 2017

2017 has all the makings of a fabulous year for you. For much of the year, Jupiter the supreme do-gooder will be transiting in the 2nd house from your native moon, ensuring you get all the goodies. This year is going to bless you with Increase in wealth, happiness and success, birth of a child, enjoyment of pleasures. You could take up learning a new language and even become more interested in religious matters. There is a caveat added here however. Your family relationships involving your life partner and immediate relatives may be in for some aches, shakes or breaks. Your significant other’s health may suffer a downturn.

Characteristics of the Leo:

A Leo born is noble, large hearted and generous. People born in this sign will be ambitious to reach higher positions and rank. This sign blesses authority, dignity, energy, enthusiasm, and fame. A Leo born incline towards administration, law, and political science subjects.


To alleviate the adverse effects of the Jupiter, distribute free chick-pea based food dishes every Thursday after worshipping Guru at a temple.

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Pray to Lord Sun

Perform Rudra Homa

Favorable Months: January, May, June, July, August

Unfavorable Months: February, March, September

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