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Leo General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (July 15th 2018 - July 21st 2018)

2018-07-15 You will witness only moderate results for the day. Certain situations may arise where even friends may turn into enemies. Don't display your emotions, and try to remain cool and composed.

2018-07-16 This day will present certain situations when you will think of ways to improve your future. You will see better results by avoiding negative emotional tendencies.

2018-07-17 You need to learn to be a lot more patient. Think twice and be wise with your words before conversing with people. Do not involve yourself in any conversation where your thoughts can be misinterpreted. Abstain from taking any major decisions.

2018-07-18 This may not be a day which will witness much activity. Stress and loneliness will prevail for the day. You can engage in acts of donation and charity. This will help you achieve immense relief. You need to be frank and adopt an easy going approach.

2018-07-19 This promises to be a favorable day. You will enjoy many opportunities and bright prospects are foreseen to come your way. Make use of the day to the fullest extent. You will be filled with a great level of satisfaction.

2018-07-20 You are able to achieve a lot by means of your effective communication skills. A positive spirit and determination will be possible for the day. You can make use of the day to take major decisions. You will also witness a lot of activity.

2018-07-21 This could be a stressful day. Beat the stress by listening to music and watching movies, as this will give you happiness. Avoid taking any major decisions for the day.

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