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Leo General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (July 21st 2019 - July 27th 2019)

2019-07-21 A more composed and calm attitude will be required on your part on this day. Listening to divine music and participating in recreational activities will help you a lot.

2019-07-22 You may tend to get emotional. This is not the ideal day for taking major decisions. .

2019-07-23 The day may not be favorable for taking major decisions as luck may not be on your side at this point of time. You may need to work hard and commitments will also be more.

2019-07-24 You need to be more composed and calm because confidence level and hopes will be low.

2019-07-25 There are good chances to meet a spiritual person on this day. Taking advice from such people will bring satisfaction to you.

2019-07-26 The day will see you overwhelmed with feelings of insecurity and leave a void within you. Take things lightly and avoid a serious approach. Things can spiral out of control if you fail to adopt a balanced approach.

2019-07-27 This promises to be an active day. You will find yourself in a generally upbeat mood. Leadership skills will be seen in you and such attributes will add more value to your personality.

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