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Leo Love Relationship Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (April 14th 2019 - April 20th 2019)

2019-04-14 You need to share friendly relations with your partner. This will enable your loved one to understand you better.

2019-04-15 Disturbances in your mind will make you feel less satisfied in your relationship. You have to maintain an mind open and flexibility in moving with your partner.

2019-04-16 You may have an argument with your partner due to lack of understanding. You need to be more patient. Give more space to your loved one so that you can develop better understanding.

2019-04-17 There are likely chances for a heated exchange of words with your partner. You may lose your patience and this may disturb the harmony with each other.

2019-04-18 You will not be able to get on well with your partner. Adjust accordingly to enjoy harmony in the relationship.

2019-04-19 You are likely to display sincerity towards your partner. You will be able to keep your beloved more happy and this will pave the way for better understanding to prevail.

2019-04-20 You can improve the relations with your partner with a friendly and light-hearted talk.

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