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Leo Health Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (May 19th 2019 - May 25th 2019)

2019-05-19 Health may be moderate. Leg pain and stiffness could be a matter of concern. .

2019-05-20 Physical fitness may not be very good. practicing yoga/ meditation will work wonders for you.

2019-05-21 A sensitive mind may keep you in low health. You really need to avoid such tendencies.

2019-05-22 Physical fitness could be disturbed a little. You may be troubled by back-pain.

2019-05-23 Back pain could trouble you on this day. Curb anxieties to enjoy better fitness levels.

2019-05-24 Health may be not so good. There may be chances for fever/headache to trouble you.

2019-05-25 Fine health will be enjoyed for the day. You will cherish positive feelings in your mind.

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