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Leo Health Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (December 8th 2019 - December 14th 2019)

2019-12-08 The day will find you in a positive state of mind. A high level of confidence will enable you to enjoy fine health.

2019-12-09 Digestion problems or pain in the shoulders may bother you. It will be wise to do some exercises.

2019-12-10 You will feel energetic and very active. This will be possible due to your happiness.

2019-12-11 Health will be good generally. You will remain fit on the day.

2019-12-12 You will be endowed with high energy levels due to the enthusiasm present in you. This will enable you to maintain robust health.

2019-12-13 You will have good level of courage and energy in you. This will guide you to maintain fine health.

2019-12-14 Heath looks to be generally good for the day This will be possible due to your energy levels.

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