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Sagittarius General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (May 19th 2019 - May 25th 2019)

2019-05-19 Involvement in divine practices will guide you to experience good levels of prosperity. This is likely to become a trend in the future.

2019-05-20 You may experience a feeling of uncertainty on this day. There will be both good and bad results in your endeavors. Patience is required on your part.

2019-05-21 This may not be a very balanced day. You may develop better understanding of things by adjusting to certain situations that arise. You may also incur loss.

2019-05-22 Intelligence and a balanced approach in your actions will guide you towards success. Make good use of the day.

2019-05-23 You need to relax and inculcate positive thoughts. This will enable you to sail through the day. .

2019-05-24 Heavy commitments and stress will take a toll on your general well-being. You need to keep your mind under control by reciting some divine mantras.

2019-05-25 The day may not favor you with the desired results. You could also struggle a bit to fulfill your objectives. Not much can be expected of the day.

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