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Sagittarius General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (September 15th 2019 - September 21st 2019)

2019-09-15 You may harbor pessimistic feelings in your mind which you dearly need to avoid. You will feel as if you are overburdened, but this may be only your imagination.

2019-09-16 You could experience feelings of stress even if you enjoy good comforts. You need to remain patient to overcome this. Avoid uneasy emotions as this is most required to make the day pleasant.

2019-09-17 The day will see you in a state of mental worry over domestic matters. It is advisable to shun worry and take things in a lighter vein. It is also recommended not to make any major decisions.

2019-09-18 Loss of comforts are foreseen for the day. Patience and optimism is advised to witness results in your favor.

2019-09-19 This will be a satisfying day when you will overcome many obstacles. To enjoy a relaxed state of mind and freeing yourself of worry, perform meditation and yoga.

2019-09-20 The day will prove beneficial if hard efforts are applied. Use this opportunity to optimize your potential.

2019-09-21 The day will be favorable to make your endeavors bear fruit. You will be filled with optimism and accomplish difficult tasks with amazing ease.

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