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Sagittarius Money Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (November 17th 2019 - November 23rd 2019)

2019-11-17 Money flow will be comfortable on this day. There will also be scope to increase your savings.

2019-11-18 The day could be unfavorable for money gains. You may also face a shortage of money owing to increasing commitments, and this will be a cause for worry.

2019-11-19 The day may not favor you to enjoy monetary fortunes. You may also incur unnecessary expenditure.

2019-11-20 You will incur more expenses than gains. You could also witness a shortage of money and may be in need of more.

2019-11-21 You are likely to witness only moderate money gains. You will find it tough to build up your savings and there are also chances for money loss.

2019-11-22 Plenty of money is foreseen on this day. You are likely to witness better shades of luck.

2019-11-23 You will be able to gain more money for the day. You will also be able to utilize the money available for productive purposes.

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