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Sagittarius Health Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (December 16th 2018 - December 22nd 2018)

2018-12-16 You may be troubled by leg pain. Exercising will give relief and make you feel better.

2018-12-17 You may be troubled by foot pain. Try to relax and take it easy.

2018-12-18 There may be chances for headache and this could be attributed to stress. You may also suffer from loss of sleep.

2018-12-19 Health will be fine enough for the day. A determined spirit will enable you to maintain good physical fitness.

2018-12-20 Medical expenses towards the health of your children could be on the rise. This may cause some worry in you.

2018-12-21 Health will be stable and pose no problem. Benign spiritual forces acting upon you make this possible.

2018-12-22 Your children's health will be a source of concern for you. You may also have to incur some expenses in this regard.

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