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Sagittarius Health Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (April 14th 2019 - April 20th 2019)

2019-04-14 You need to spend money towards the health of your mother. She may be prone to some allergy.

2019-04-15 You have to take good care of your health. Make yourself flexible by exercising.

2019-04-16 You need to get your eyes checked. There are also chances for pimples or rashes to occur on the face.

2019-04-17 Anxiety and insecurity will be seen in you. You need to relax to enjoy good health.

2019-04-18 You are likely to be completely fit. A strong frame of mind will enable you to enjoy good health.

2019-04-19 You will be physically fit. You should not have any health problems.

2019-04-20 Health will be good enough for the day. Meditating and chanting prayers will give you relaxation.

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