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Gemini General Weekly Horoscope (June 25th 2017 - July 1st 2017)

2017-06-25 The day requires you to take things in an easy manner. You need to keep yourself motivated to ensure smooth results. It will be a day that will test your patience.

2017-06-26 It will not be a favorable day to witness pleasant situations. Not much can be expected of the day. You will not be able to see progressive and much benefits for the day.

2017-06-27 You can enjoy spending money for your family and this will make you happy. You will find the day more optimistic. More development will be possible for you.

2017-06-28 You will be able to execute your tasks easily. You will move on well with the day. You will be in a position to realize your potential.

2017-06-30 You will find the day filled with obstacles to your endeavors. It will be wise for you to take things easily and remain happy despite hard situations. You will feel a sense of void and emptiness. Avoid taking major decisions for the day.

2017-07-01 You will be taking steps for your development. For this, you may have to lose some comforts for the day. You should be bold and courageous to implement the changes in your life.

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