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Gemini General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (December 16th 2018 - December 22nd 2018)

2018-12-16 This will generally turn out to be a good day. You will be determined and in a better position to take your own decisions.

2018-12-17 The day will be good and favor stability. You can make use of the time for taking some useful decisions which are bound to fetch you wonderful results.

2018-12-18 This is going to be a smooth day for you. You will be able to fulfill your desires.

2018-12-19 Lack of patience and determination may restrict you from moving forward and this could be due to stressful situations. It is advised to use your intelligence to overcome the situation.

2018-12-20 This will be an ideal day for enjoyment and cherishing fond memories. Establishing new contacts and participating in social gatherings will give you delight.

2018-12-21 This may not be a very favorable day to bring about positive results. A mixed bag of ups and downs will be seen. You need to keep your mind free and balanced. This is most essential for the day.

2018-12-22 You may have to face a lot of commitments today. There may also be lack of comforts. However, it would be wise to remain patient and take things easy.

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