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Gemini General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (July 14th 2019 - July 20th 2019)

2019-07-14 The day promises to be favorable for enjoying progressive results. Your intelligence and skills will enable you to achieve success. An optimistic attitude will keep you happy and confident.

2019-07-15 You will find the day to be in your favor. You will be quick to take decisions regarding the execution of your plans. You will also attempt to boost self-confidence levels.

2019-07-16 You will be seen in a balanced state of mind on this day. You can make use of the time to gain new friends and associates. Luck and success will work in your favor.

2019-07-17 You may not find the day to be very favorable. Try to relax and be happy, as this attitude is most required at this point of time. Learn to adapt and manage matters smartly.

2019-07-18 This nay not be a favorable day to enjoy good results. You need to adopt an adjustable attitude and act intelligently to handle the difficult situations of the day. You need to seek relaxation and relief in activities that will be conducive to bring about better outcomes.

2019-07-19 Worries could play in your mind and this may be a little disturbing for you. Divine mantras and prayers will help you a lot.

2019-07-20 You could be overwhelmed by feelings of insecurity on this day. This will make you worried about the future. Practicing meditation will help to overcome these emotions.

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