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Gemini General Weekly Horoscope (October 22nd 2017 - October 28th 2017)

2017-10-22 You need to use your intelligence to experience success for the day. Keep a check on emotional tendencies as those will create confusions in your mind.

2017-10-23 You will be successful through your hard efforts. You will feel positive and confident. Major decisions will yield flexible results.

2017-10-24 You will be able to promote your interests. Opportunities will be there and it will be easy to turn them in your favor.

2017-10-25 A balancing trend will prevail for the day. You will be able to gain confidence and support of your friends and associates. You will be generally happy throughout the day.

2017-10-26 You will be very happy and excited for the day and will be able to complete your tasks with ease. There will be new names in the list of your friends and acquaintances.

2017-10-27 The day requires you to maintain a patient and easy going approach. To witness beneficial results, you need to devote yourself to spiritual pursuits.

2017-10-28 The day will not produce much activity. You need to be very bold and positive without succumbing to emotions. There is a need for you to be flexible and free in your approach. Take everything in a friendly manner to see better outcomes.

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