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Gemini General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (February 17th 2019 - February 23rd 2019)

2019-02-17 You have to take some extra care while communicating. You also have to adopt more planning and display more determination.

2019-02-18 You have to anticipate and plan your day accordingly. You must also avoid taking major decisions. As this could make you face some problems. You have to be a little cautious.

2019-02-19 This is a day which favors you with success in your endeavors. You will be seen with an enhanced level of confidence while pursuing your objectives. This is the day for fulfilling your desires.

2019-02-20 This will be a wonderful day which will bring delightful results. You will cherish some memorable moments which will make you very happy. You will also be able to accomplish tough objectives with relative ease.

2019-02-21 The day may see you fall short of your goals. Though you intend to achieve your targets, you could face great difficulty in doing so. Patience is most needed during these testing moments.

2019-02-22 The day may not produce much activity. You could lose emotional control owing to the challenges to be faced. A patient attitude will yield good results. You need to do away with the mental confusion prevailing in your mind.

2019-02-23 You may not find the day to be very productive. Short travel and some changes will be possible. Lack of courage and determination will be seen in you for the day. It is essential that you be more cheerful.

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