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Thai Amavasya : Time to Express Gratitude to Ancestors

DateJanuary 14, 2012

Thai Amavasya falls in the period, January- February, every year. Amavasya or Amavasai , the Tamil version of the New Moon day, is considered very special in most civilizations. In India, the day is even more special when it falls in the Vedic month of Thai. There is a popular belief that on Thai Amavasya day, the departed souls visit the earth plane to bless their relations.


Get Ancestral Blessings on Thai Amavasya

All of us are searching for ways to make our lives more fulfilling and meaningful. But our efforts do not always bear fruit leaving us fearful, anxious and confused. Sometimes we feel that something invisible is blocking our progress in life. Or we may feel that despite all our hard work and the good things we do, we are not getting the results we deserve.

When you are assailed by such doubts, ask yourself just one question. Do you find time to think of your ancestors in the midst of your busy life? Have their spirits found moksha or are they still wandering disconsolately on earth because you failed or forgot to perform the prescribed rituals for them?

Many cultures recognize the importance of ancestors in our lives and their power to impact our lives even after their death. Such beliefs pervade Indian, Native American, African cultures and religions. They believe that honoring dead ancestors can help the living to overcome all sorts of problems by clearing blocks in relationships, health, finances, career, success etc. It is believed that such blocks are caused by the departed ancestors who feel neglected and unsatisfied. This is the reason why Vedic astrology prescribes the ritual of Tarpanam to appease departed ancestors.

Performing Tarpanams for your ancestors on Thai Amavasya is considered very special. It acts like a harmonious accord, resolving stubborn blockages in all aspects of your life, clearing the way for happiness, peace, and success. Because by performing tarpanam, you appease your ancestors and in turn, they shower their blessings on you.

Tarpanam on Thai Amavasya

The word “Tarpanam” means “satisfying” or “satiating”. As per the Vedas, Tarpanam on New Moon days (Amavasi) – especially on Thai Amavasya is best performed by Vedic Specialists or trained priests. All that you need for Tarpanam is some black sesame seeds, rice and water.

Beneficial Results of Tarpanam

  • It will ward off the sins of our 7 generation of ancestors.
  • Liberates an individual from curses and sins.
  • Helps in obtaining forgiveness from forefathers.
  • Heals the stained negative feelings carried towards ancestors.
  • Negates the unworthy desires of ancestors.


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