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Thai Amavasya 2012: Time to Express Gratitude to Ancestors

Thai Amavasya 2012 falls on January 23rd IST. Amavasya or Amavasai , the Tamil version of the New Moon day is considered special in almost all civilizations and becomes very special in the Vedic month of Thai. There is a popular belief that on Thai Amavasya day, the departed souls visit the earth plane to bless their relations.


Get Ancestral Blessings on Thai Amavasya 2012

In this ever-changing world, every individual is searching for new ways to make their life most interesting as they are the only soul that is responsible for their whole life and career. Any small errors or problems in their life or decisions might even affect them financially, psychologically, emotionally or physically.

But you can ask your ancestors to help you stay away from all sorts of problems or difficulties this Thai Amavasya as one of the most probable reasons behind these blocks or failures in your relationships, health, finances, career, success etc could be because of the interference from your departed and unsatisfied ancestors.

Performing Tarpanams for them on Thai Amavasya 2012 will act like a harmonious accord, which involves your effort to appease them and they in turn will bless you with life without hindrances.

Tarpanam on Thai Amavasya 2012

The word “Tarpanam” means “satisfying” or “satiating”. As per the Vedas, Tarpanam on New Moon days (Amavasi) – especially on Thai Amavasya is best performed by Vedic Specialists or trained priests. All that you need for Tarpanam is some black sesame seeds, rice and water.

Beneficial Results of Tarpanam

  • It will ward off the sins of our 7 generation of ancestors.
  • Liberates an individual from curses and sins.
  • Helps in obtaining forgiveness from forefathers.
  • Heals the stained negative feelings carried towards ancestors.
  • Negates the unworthy desires of ancestors.

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