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Sun Transit in Scorpio sign from November 17 to December 16, 2023

DateNovember 8, 2023

From November 17 to December 16, 2023, some people may experience health issues during the Sun’s transit in the Scorpio sign. However, for single people, this may be a good time to find love, and for those already in a relationship, it could lead to a deeper commitment. The combination of the Sun, Mars, and Mercury may bring career growth for those in the Water sign, particularly in education, teaching, banking, and real estate sectors. However, some people may experience losses in their personal or professional lives during this period. On the positive side, students may benefit greatly from this transit, and those in the media field may achieve success and recognition.

Below, we are going to discuss the effects of Sun transit in Scorpio on all 12 Zodiac signs:-

Sun Transit in Scorpio

Aries:- If you’re an Aries, you might face some challenges at work, in your business, or love life due to the Sun’s movement in your 8th House. However, unexpected monetary gains and property from inheritance are possible. You may feel restless during this time and experience a lack of peace at home.

Taurus:- For Taurus, the Sun’s movement in your 7th House can bring gains in business and partnership work and a pleasing love life. However, your partner or spouse may experience health issues. You might fulfill your wish and earn well during this period.

Gemini:- If you’re a Gemini, the Sun’s movement in your 6th House might give you an advantage over your competitors and enemies. Students will excel in their studies, and you might experience a rewarding but hectic work life. Those in sports might gain wealth and popularity, while some Gemini natives may acquire government jobs.

Cancer:- Cancerians might experience new love with the Sun’s movement in the 5th House. Some people might reunite with their partner after a short separation, but those expecting pregnancy may face health issues. Fortune will be on your side, and your wishes will be granted. Your income may also rise, and you earn from multiple sources during this period.

Leo:- For Leos, the Sun’s movement in the 4th House, Venus, and Mercury can bring peace and harmony at home. Although there might be a few altercations, everything will eventually fall into place for your own benefit. Students might excel in their studies and exams.

Virgo:- Virgos might receive favors from authorities and gain from their work or endeavors with the Sun’s movement in the 3rd House. Those in the banking, media, communication, teaching, and sports sectors might excel in their profession. You might earn ample money during this period due to your hard work and self-efforts.

Libra:- If you’re a Libra, the Sun’s movement in the 2nd House might bring a lack of peace and harmony at home, but newly married couples will have a blissful time. You might earn wealth from multiple sources, and family wealth and business may expand. This period may bring respect, influence, and high status in society.

Scorpio:- For Scorpios, the Sun’s movement in the 1st House might bring success in jobs and business, and your popularity might rise due to your work or profession. Some Scorpio natives might acquire government jobs or authoritative positions. Success in the sports and entertainment field is also possible.

Sagittarius:– If you’re a Sagittarius, the Sun’s movement in the 12th House might cause skin, hair fall, or eye issues for some people. However, long-distance traveling might be fruitful, and higher studies or research work might bear beneficial results. Your expenses might be high, but there will be no scarcity of money.

Capricorn:- Capricorns might experience good fortune and gains from contacts, peculations, gaming, friends, siblings, etc., with the Sun’s movement in the 11th House. Your income might rise, and you may earn from multiple sources during this period. Your business endeavors might be profitable, and your luxury and comfort might rise.

Aquarius:- If you’re an Aquarius, the Sun’s movement in the 10th House might give you success and growth in your occupation and profession. Those in the sports and entertainment field might gain fame and success, and there will be rapid progress in your career. Unemployed people might get employed during this period.

Pisces:- Finally, for Pisceans, the Sun’s movement in the 9th House might bring success in higher education and competitive exams. Fruitful travel to a foreign country is also possible, and some people might gain scholarships or employment in foreign lands. Your career and finances might be stable during this period.


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