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Venus Transit in Scorpio from December 25, 2023, to January 18, 2024

DateNovember 8, 2023

This Venus transit in the Scorpio sign may bring some tiffs and misunderstandings between some couples. However, those searching for love may find someone special coming into their life. New love could spark excitement and restless energy due to Venus transiting in Scorpio with Mercury. Some people may get involved in an illicit relationship or just for casual sexual pleasure. Unemployed people may get employed, and finances could be sound for most people.

Below, we are going to discuss the effects of Venus Transit in Scorpio on all 12 Zodiac signs:-

Venus Transit in Scorpio 2023

Aries:- Venus transit in your 8th House may bring compatibility issues with your life partner. However, you may enjoy some hidden pleasures or clandestine affairs. There can be a lack of trust, respect, and understanding with your life partner.

Taurus:- Venus Transit in your 7th House may bring success in love affairs. Singles may find new love in their life. Married life could be exciting and happy. Travel may bring attachment and love.

Gemini:- Venus Transit in your 6th House may bring some struggles at the workplace. Your spouse might suffer from some health issues and viral fever or infections. Your love life may go through some ups and downs. However, your hard work, persistence, and patience can give you better results.

Cancer:- Venus Transit in your 5th House could bring happiness and success to your life. Luck in love and also at work may help you. Creative success and success in fine, as well as performing arts, are possible. You may gain money and prestige from speculation or investments.

Leo:- Venus transit in your 4th House may bring money, admiration, and applause from seniors, authorities, etc. Your status, luxury, and comfort in life may rise in this period. Your luck and financial position may get a big boost. However, quarrels on the domestic front can be possible.

Virgo:- Venus transit in your 3rd House may bring temporary misunderstandings or separation between couples. Single people may find new partners, but only for a short period. Love life can be complicated at this time, but professional life may be exciting and joyful.

Libra:- Venus transit in your 2nd House may enhance your aura, charm, and personality among the opposite sex. Your influence and authority at the workplace may rise. There may be no scarcity of money or gains in this period.

Scorpio:- Venus transit in your 1st House may bring a new beginning, new opportunities, and success in creative and artistic pursuits. Those in the glamour and entertainment fields may shine. Your popularity may rise, and your status may be enhanced. You may also become the favorite of the opposite sex in this period.

Sagittarius:- Venus transit in your 12th House may bring travel opportunities in foreign lands. Travel bloggers and food bloggers may attain success and popularity in this period. Self-employed people could thrive in this period. Those in jobs may have to work hard to garner the attention of authorities.

Capricorn:- Venus transit in your 11th House may give success in sports and performing arts. Your lifestyle may improve for the better. Your income may rise, and you may start earning from multiple sources. Some people may get employed in foreign lands.

Aquarius: Venus transit in your 10th House could bring success through the glamour world, fine arts, and performing arts. Some people may do well in media, advertising, administration, management, and marketing. Freelancers or those in digital marketing may thrive in their occupations.

Pisces:- Venus transit in your 9th House may bring luck through travel and communication. There may be ease of working and happiness at your workplace. You may do well in your occupation or career. Some people may prosper in foreign countries during this period. Your romantic life could become more balanced.

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