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Shatabhisha Nakshatra

On March 31, 2015

About Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Shatabhisha nakshatra is the 24th constellation that falls in the zodiac sign of Kumbha or Aquarius. The Lord of the Zodiac sign Aquarius is Saturn. The presiding deity is Varuna, the God of cosmic waters in the sky and on earth.

It is a group of hundred faint stars, which means: ` hundred physicians`, ` hundred medicines. It has the power of healing, and has a great remedial power. It heals and brings about revitalization.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra

General Characteristics

Those with Moon in Shatabhisha possess good intelligence with a scientific temper. They make good healers and doctors. They are suited for research or scientific career. They come across as people who are God fearing and religious. They have a unique visionary perception. They make excellent writers owing to their brilliant imagination.

Careers suited for these natives are psychology, astrology and healing arts. Influence of Rahu on this star makes them ambitious and risk takers.

Positive Influence

They are simple, straightforward, philosophical, hard-working with humanitarian concern. They are quiet and truthful in nature. But they will be daring and will subdue their enemies.

They are intuitive and possess keen intellect. They adhere to discipline and simplicity. They are rational and methodical in their approach. These individuals are very secretive and do not share their secrets to anyone. They are shy to exhibit their talents. They confine themselves to a limited circle of friends and relatives.

Negative Influence

On the negative side, they can be vicious with harsh speech and intrusive nature. They feel restrained and often suffer from loneliness, moodiness and depression. They may be quick to get angry and this may lead to domestic problems. They are stubborn and usually suffer from setbacks in family relationships. Influence of Rahu can make them irregular and lawless.


Regular prayers to Lord Shiva will help these natives to overcome their afflictions. It is beneficial to pray to the Serpent Lord during the malefic Dasa period to get relief from problems. Meditation on the Supreme Lord will help them to be peaceful and happy.


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