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Realize Your Strengths to Get the Dream Job

DateApril 20, 2015

Choosing the right career is very essential for each one of us and one of the main steps toward this is to get through the interview process successfully. In this article, we tell you what your strengths are as per your Moon sign and which are the most ideal professions that will bring you name and fame.

Aries: You are someone who is very enthusiastic about everything you do. The other commendable quality in you is that you love to take initiatives. Do make sure to highlight these 2 points when you appear for an interview. The professions ideally suited for you are creative jobs in the media industry or architecture.

Realize Your Strengths to Get the Dream Job

Taurus: You are someone with exceptional endurance levels. At the same time, you are a practical and level-headed person. These are qualities that you need to tell your prospective employer without fail. Accounting and research are two areas where you can make a mark for yourself!

Gemini: You are prompt in completing all the work that is given to you. The best thing about you is that you can adapt to any and every kind of surrounding in the quickest possible time. These traits give you a cut above the rest and should be told to your recruiter. Sales and marketing and airlines are two departments that make you earn a good name.

Cancer: You are a person of innovation and this helps you add a personal touch to all that you do. You are clever and this helps you take your own decisions during a crisis. Your future boss is definitely going to be impressed if you tell him/her about it. You would make a good lawyer or can even be a lecturer.

Leo: You are the epitome of confidence! Apart from this, you are a highly creative person as well. Which employer would not want to hire such a person? Go ahead and tell them about it. The post of an editor or some high profile job in the government would be a good pick.

Virgo: You are one of the most resourceful assets to any company that you join. Being meticulous comes to you very naturally. Have you told this to the person interviewing you? If not, do it right away! Being an investigator or a wedding planner is something you should definitely consider.

Libra: You get completely involved in the work you do and give your 100 per cent! What more can an employer ask for? Moreover, you are very professional in your approach. With such good potential, why should you hide it from the one employing you? Working as an administrator or negotiator are professions you can do par excellence.

Scorpio: You have amazing levels of concentration that you can proudly speak of to your employer. Apart from this, loyalty is something that comes very naturally to you. Make the best use of these 2 skills to impress your employer. You can shine in the field of physics or be a very good writer!

Sagittarius: Passion for what you do is your driving force! Along with this super good quality you also have the will to succeed. These are 2 traits every recruiter wants his people to have, so you are for sure at the top of the game. A job that involves traveling or a public relations profile goes best with your personality.

Capricorn: You are one of the most professional people that any company can have. You are dedicated to your job as well. These 2 strengths of yours can be real useful to any and every employer. You could choose between banking and IT industries since they help you shine a lot and achieve wonders.

Aquarius: You are highly intellectual and one of the best team players around. These 2 traits of yours can make you your boss’ favorite any day! The aviation industry can help you realize your best potential. Another field would be music, where you can make a mark!

Pisces: You are a disciplined individual. Another very good quality in you is that you are highly dedicated in completing the work given to you. These 2 qualities can take you to the heights of success in any company you work. The role of a therapist is one job that you can do to your best. Apart from this, you can be sure to do well as an artist too!

Apart from knowing your strengths you also need to know the different bad or poisonous timings in a day like Rahu Kaalam and Yama Gandam and not attend interview at such times. Knowing the best times in a day and attending the interview will also help a lot. Being aware of transit times can also benefit you a lot.

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