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Rahu in 4th house: Meaning, Impact and Remedies

On August 16, 2022

Rahu in 4th House with Remedies:-

Rahu in the 4th House is highly malefic and provides harmful or unfavorable results, primarily according to Vedic astrology. So, if you have Rahu in your 4th House, be ready to bear some painful consequences or losses. Rahu in the 4th House might make natives greedy and give them a solid urge to attain high status by unfair or illegal means. You may lack compassion, empathy, and emotional connections with people around you. You may become emotionless, rude, or a mafia.

Also, you would be over-possessive and hyper in the love and romance sector. You will tend to judge people in and out of whoever you meet. Rahu in the 4th House may make the natives face massive losses in the business and some significant ups and downs in their careers and finances. They must maintain good relationships with their spouse and mother and should avoid scandals or secretive, clandestine affairs to keep peace and harmony in the family. Extra-marital relations may cause substantial financial losses. Destiny will not be in your favor in that case. Anger issues and greedy behavior with people will make you a loner without any genuine friends. You may do some work through injustice and discriminate against people with inequality.

Rahu in 4th house

House Rahu posited in a Kundli:-

Rahu mostly has many downsides than positive effects in 4th House. Rahu in the 4th House may make you rich and poor in the same lifetime. Besides destabilizing your relations with your spouse, Rahu in the 4th House may negatively impact your bonds with your mother.

Although, one might feel powerful, attain fame and recognition, and have great control over their business in Rahu's Maha Dasha. Moreover, you shall obtain king-like wealth in the main and subperiod of Rahu within a few years of your life. From wisdom to personal stability, Rahu in the 4th House in Libra, Leo, and Aquarius will provide you with benefits beyond your imagination.

Also, the natives can expect their mother's involvement in establishing a stabilized life with their spouse and other family members. In personal life, a native can have a blissful married life with an immensely loyal spouse if Rahu is benefic in the 4th House or posited with benefic Venus. They may seek all their spouse's love, care, and support and enjoy a long-lasting married life. Moreover, modern materialistic comforts like houses, cars, and other luxuries would be there after age 40 in native life. People with Rahu in their 4th House would seek full support from their family, in-laws, and partner in times of crisis and adversity.

Zodiac sign and nakshatra influence:-

Rahu in the 4th House may give ample wealth in Swati, Ardra, and Shatabhisha nakshatra, but there will be a lack of mental peace and harmony in life. Rahu changes its behavior according to the other planet, conjunct, or aspect. If the Rahu in the 4th House is in conjunction with Mercury or Venus in your horoscope, you shall see some positive results. Rahu in the Libra or Aquarius sign will bless the native with materialistic happiness and popularity in life. Your family life will improve with time, along with your status and finances.

Positive effects of Rahu in 4th House:-

Rahu in the 4th House may give deep attachment with family and a deep connection with your birthplace to the extent that you may wish to spend most of the time there. You may have a good bond with your mother and seek her for guidance and suggestions during crucial times of your life.

The 4th House signifies your mother, your native place, assets in terms of your property, House, etc. This House also depicts the inner insecurities that you may carry forward in life because of the circumstances that you live in. This 4th House gives an account of the principles you may follow in the latter part of your life when you are mature and conscious about your life and outer world.

Rahu in the 4th House may motivate you to raise and multiply your immovable properties. You may also purchase land, real estate, houses, or other assets to enhance your status and reputation. You may also prosper in your business endeavors mainly. Your dealings with entities of foreign lands or foreigners may bring you good profits and ensure a prosperous professional and personal life.

Rahu in the 4th House, if benefic or in a friendly constellation, can bless you with a deep, intense love bond with your spouse. Your relationship will have love and affection, and your married life will be blissful. You will mutually help and support each other and look after each other's needs and desires.

One may indulge and succeed in politics. Good political connections will bring you prominence, popularity, and a sense of authority in your persona. However, some people may also indulge in unethical business or work to attain short-term profits, power, or gains.

A positive Rahu in the 4th House may bring sudden gains and a rise in your professional life profession. You may become financially strong in a short period. Native may become loyal to their spouse and would share a long and happy married life. Native's emotional attachments with their mother may further incline you to reside in your native place where you spent your early years or where your roots are.

Adverse effects of Rahu in 4th House:-

An adverse Rahu in the 4th House may aspire you to become famous and influential, but one may indulge in wrong acts and hideous illegal activities to achieve their goals. There are chances of a sudden fall from a high position in your career. You may lose your money and status in life. Your anger or aggressive attitude may also somewhat restrict your progress, adversely impacting your personal and professional life. Mostly Rahu is the 4th House imparts negative results, and you may bear consequences like mental stress, greediness, and laziness. However, the exact placement can make you a great politician or clever businessman. Rahu is highly known for its recklessness and contrasting unorthodox tendency to show sudden changes in a person's life. Thus, you can become suddenly wealthy or poor in a short time. The Moon is the natural karaka of the 4th House who rules the fourth House, a massive enemy planet of Rahu. Rahu here mostly bestows terrible results than good. Distractions, directionless life, and disturbed mental state with emotional ups and downs are malefic effects of Rahu in the 4th House.

Rahu Taurus:

Rahu in Taurus in the 4th House is in an exalted position and blesses you with substantial wealth and financial gains. You may earn from multiple sources, and investments will be profitable. Sudden profits in business will enhance your wealth and status, especially from foreign land deals. Your chances of employment in a multi-national company or a foreign country will be sound. Rahu in 4th House may bring growth on your professional and financial front after age 40.

Rahu in the 4th House with Mars or Mercury House can bless you with multiple properties. Some people may acquire political success. This is a good placement for astrologers. One may acquire money and property from inheritance or through in-laws.

Rahu in Scorpio:

Rahu in the 4th House gets debilitated in the Scorpio sign and may take you towards careers related to occult science, astrology, spirituality, or some secret service. You may possess profound skills in handling secrets or things of secretive information or files like confidential documents. Your personality can have an essence of mystery that would be hard to gaze at and analyze by others. Rahu in Scorpio sign in 4th House will give health troubles to mother and Spouse. There can be the loss of a child in life. Relationships with children will not be amicable.

Common Yoga positions possible with Rahu in the 4th House:-

Java Yoga:

Rahu combines Mercury in the 4th House to form the Jadatva Yoga and blesses natives with excellent communication skills, robust health, and convincing power. One will be very quick in providing solutions to problems because of your wit, intelligence, and quick thinking, which may cause issues on your social and financial fronts. The native will have great grasping power.

Shankhpal Kalsarpa Yoga:

When in the 4th House of horoscope, Rahu may form Shankhpal Kalsarpa Yoga when Ketu is posited in the 10th House, and all planets are gripped between the Rahu-Ketu axis in your Kundli. This combination leads to many troubles in your relationship with your parents, which may adversely impact your life in general.

Guru-Chandal Yoga:-

Rahu-Jupiter conjunction in the 4thb House may lead to many obstacles and disappointments in life till the age of 40 especially married life and health problems. However, things improve drastically after age 40, and one may achieve a high position in their career. Although, there can be a lack of mental peace and domestic happiness in your life.

Grahan Yoga:-

The conjunction of Rahu with Sun or Moon in 4th House may lead to graham yoga. This planetary combination may make you lose one of your parents early in life. There can be a lot of hindrances, obstacles, delays in your education, and financial trouble in life till the age of 40. However, this combination may bring good advancement in career after age 40. The health of the spouse and parents may suffer.

Remedies for Rahu in 4th House:-

  1. Feed Birds Daily
  2. Feed Crow and Stray dogs Daily.
  3. Chant Rahu's Beej Mantra "OM BRIM RAHAVE NAMAH"
  4. Chant Hanuman Chalisa Daily.
  5. Donate blankets and clothes to poor people on Wednesday.
  6. Fasting on Wednesday and Saturday can improve the results of Rahu.
  7. Chanting Ganesha Mantra every day eliminates the harmful effects of Rahu.
  8. Drinking water in Silver glass can improve the results of Rahu.
  9. Wear Yellow and Saffron clothes more.
  10. One must renovate their old House and keep an eye on the adequate development of the roof and toilet from time to time.
  11. You may also keep or wear a silver piece with you, either in the form of a ring or a bracelet. You may also keep some silver with yourself in your pocket or purse.
  12. 4-Mukhi Rudraksha can help eliminate the harmful effects of Rahu in the 4th House.
  13. Meditating Daily in the Rahu-Kaal period extracts the best results of Rahu and destroys the malefic effects of Rahu.
  14. Storing water in the South-west corner of the House can improve the results of Rahu in the 4th House. It also makes native and native family members healthy.


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