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Hanuman Chalisa – For Strength, Courage, and Relief from Planetary Doshas

June 17, 2021

Hanuman Chalisa was composed by the great saint Goswami Tulsidas who is said to be an incarnation of Saint Valmiki. It has 40 verses praising the monkey god, Hanuman. Whoever chants Hanuman Chalisa can receive the infinite grace of Lord Hanuman. The 40 verses must be chanted for 40 days for wishes to be granted and for gaining merit. It can help control the malefic effects of Saturn transit or Saturn`s Dasa or Bhukti periods. One can get relief by chanting the Chalisa 8 times on a Saturday. People with Mangal Dosha can recite it for beneficial results. They may also gain the positive qualities of Mars, like courage, strength, indomitable spirit, and energy by doing so. It also has many other benefits like deflecting evil spirits, destroying hindrances, relieving stress, wish-fulfillment, gaining wisdom and spiritual knowledge, etc. People recite it to have a safe journey. If one wants to give up bad habits, too, it can help. It can also promote unity between people and get rid of negative energies. 

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