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Rahu in 2nd house: Meaning, Impact and Remedies

Rahu is a shadow planet known as the moon’s north node in Vedic astrology. Rahu has a significant influence on each individual as a planet because it shows a person’s past life deeds, obsession, and uncompleted goals. In present birth, Rahu tries to accomplish all the incomplete goals of premature birth in the current lifetime. Although, it also punishes natives due to past life sins and deeds.

Planet Rahu represents a taboo-breaking, unorthodox planet that makes natives go away from traditional norms and customs. It means amplification of things, obsession, something that the native can’t have but want to have. Rahu is a planet that wants to achieve something significant in the quickest way possible. Rahu provides shortcuts in life. Whether it’s through cheating, deceiving, or purely luck. Rahu does not believe in hard work but gives beneficial results to hard-working people. The house planet Rahu placed amplifies the signification and desires related to that House.

rahu in 2nd house

House Rahu posited in a Kundli:-

The 2nd House in Vedic astrology is mainly concerned with the immediate family, family’s wealth, and possessions with the native. Along with the native’s earning skills and capacity. The luxury, comfort, and wealth of the native are also seen in the 2nd House. Speech and food preferences along with taste are also seen from this House as it represents the throat.

Native with this planetary position in their birth charts yearns to possess costly things. They have a strong desire to own and earn money, food, valuables, knowledge, treasures, and so on.

In the case of debilitated Rahu in the chart, it might create hurdles, delays, and difficulties with acquiring and saving money, as the native can hardly save before the age of 42.

It also gives natives a tendency to move out and stay away from their family because of the education, employment, or unnecessary arguments with relatives and family members.

These natives might also acquire comprehensive knowledge about different languages, primarily foreign languages, to stay connected to high-ranking lineage and historical values, especially of foreign culture and foreign heritage.

Zodiac sign and nakshatra influence:-

Rahu may also give suicidal thoughts, fears, and phobia when in Scorpio, Capricorn, or Pisces sign to the native. Rahu in this House may make you think that you are worthless in life and can’t achieve success or feel like becoming very rich in a quick time. This feeling of contrast in imagination may occur, especially during the Rahu Mahadasha period. As Rahu stands for deception, its placement in the 2nd House may make you a cheater who is immoral, selfish, self-centered, and greedy. Rahu gives excellent results in Swati, Ardra and Shatabhisha nakshatra.

Positive effects of Rahu in 2nd House:-

A benefic Rahu in the 2nd House brings ample opportunities to accumulate money and property in substantial amounts. This Rahu can bring you good contacts and connections with influential and aristocratic people. You may get to be friends with people of high prestige and position. You may establish a deep inclination towards your ancestors, traditions, and customs and take all actions to nurture and absorb them. Rahu in the 2nd House eases the native’s access to perform worldly affairs and gain money along with knowledge. As Rahu denotes material comfort and pleasure, the planet allows one an abundance of success in terms of wealth and treasures. However, one must also learn to control their lust for these pleasures and sexual inclinations and not get prone to or addicted to them (which Rahu wants you to).

Rahu in the 2nd House is positive for art collectors. Due to this placement of Rahu, such artists, photographers, and collectors will have the luck to find the best deals in ancient art and craft. The 2nd House rules our speech of the native, and the presence of Rahu in this House would be beneficial for you. One will be able to influence people with their speech and will be able to alter their mindset as per your comfort. You will have amazing convincing and implementation powers. The people with Rahu in the 2nd House are attached to their families. These people like spending time with their families and also take pride in their lineage. However, there will be health issues and a lack of peace in the family. These natives like to be around socially privileged people and always want to enhance their knowledge across all areas and aspects of life. The natives with Rahu in the 2nd House may likely develop a love for different foreign languages and musical instruments.

Talking about love, these natives want a partner who can amplify their wealth or resources. They are likely to gain some property from their in-laws as well. They may also get married to a rich person.

Adverse effects of Rahu in 2nd House:-

A malefic Rahu in the 2nd House may make you prone to unwanted problems, diseases, and huge expenses. One may develop many enemies in their work field who may create unnecessary troubles for them now and then. Some legal complications may give you mental and financial suffering. There can be some health issues that may keep troubling you for a long time. People with Rahu in the 2nd House shouldn’t take loans until required. Rahu in the 2nd may suffer from diseases in the throat, mouth, and intestine area. These diseases could turn into severe ailments if not cured in time. Women with Rahu in the 2nd House may develop problems in the uterus area. Rahu in the 2nd House can shorten one’s lifespan. One may suffer from some accidents.

Rahu in 2nd House also develops an extravagant mindset. Native like to spend money freely when Rahu is in the 2nd House. One may also acquire habits like gambling, gaming, speculations, uttering falsehoods, and getting influenced by shortcut deals that will eventually add to their losses in the long run. One may struggle at fulfilling the desires of their family, spouse, and children. Thus it is suggested that one must protect themselves from coming under the influence of Rahu by adequately relying on guidance and thoughtful decisions.

Some notable sign placements for Rahu in the 2nd House

Rahu Taurus:

Rahu in Taurus is in an exalted position and blesses you with ample wealth and financial gains in the 2nd House. Rahu exalted in 2nd House may make you famous and wealthy. You will earn from multiple sources, and your dealings and business endeavors will be rewarding. Sudden profits, especially from foreign deals, may enhance their wealth further. The prospects of working in an M.N.C. or a foreign country will be high and may good growth along with prosperity in native’s personal and professional front.

Rahu Scorpio:

Rahu gets debilitated in Scorpio and may take you towards a career related to occult sciences or some secret services. Rahu in 2nd House debilitated may make you bankrupt in life. You may possess profound skills in handling secrets or secretive things like confidential documents or information etc. Native’s personality will have an essence of mystery that would be hard to gaze at or analyze by anyone.

Common Yoga positions possible with Rahu in the 2nd House

Pitra Dosha:

Rahu combination or conjunction with Sun in the 2nd House forms Pitru dosha in Kundli. This brings many troubles in almost all aspects of life. There can be health issues and early death in the family. There can be some sudden and unexpected events like an accident in the family or a fire in House that would not have any explanation. Progeny and health issues may be there.

When combined with Mercury in the 2nd House, Java Yoga gets formed. Rahu forms Jadatva Yoga, which blesses one with profound communication skills clubbed with good convincing power. One may get blessed with high-class communication power. One will be very quick in providing solutions to problems with their wit, intelligence, and quick thinking. This may also create some issues on their social and financial fronts.

Kulika Kalsarpa Yoga:

Rahu, when in the 2nd House, may also form Kulika Kalsarpa Yoga when Ketu is in the 8th House, and all planets are posited between the Rahu-Ketu axis. This generally is not an excellent planetary formation as it may bring health-related and financial issues that will keep troubling you. There will be stress, mistrust, and miscommunication, and you will experience a lack of peace in family relations.

Remedies for Rahu in 2nd House:-

  1. Feed Birds Daily
  2. Feed Crow and Stray dogs Daily.
  3. Chant Rahu’s Beej Mantra “OM BRIM RAHAVE NAMAH”
  4. Chant Hanuman Chalisa Daily.
  5. Donate blankets and clothes to poor people on Wednesday.
  6. Fasting on Wednesday and Saturday can improve the results of Rahu.
  7. Chanting Ganesha Mantra every day eliminates the harmful effects of Rahu.
  8. Drinking water in Silver glass can improve the results of Rahu.
  9. Wear Yellow and Saffron clothes more.
  10. 8-Mukhi Rudraksha can help eliminate the harmful effects of Rahu in the 2nd House.
  11. Meditating Daily in the Rahu-Kaal period extracts the best results of Rahu and destroys the malefic effects of Rahu.
  12. Storing water in the South-west corner of the House can improve the results of Rahu in 2nd House. It also makes native and native’s family members healthy.