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Medical Astrology & Heart Failure in the lens of Vedic Astrology

Heart attack-Heart Disease in Vedic Astrology:-

Through Vedic Astrology, calculation of planetary placement in Horoscope in both Lagna chart (D1 chart) and in Navamsa chart (D9 Chart). Heart disease happens due to failure or malpractice of blood in Cardiovascular System. Dysfunction of blood vessels leads to heart failure or Heart stroke. Abnormal functioning and pumping of blood through artery and veins lead to this type of heart organ failure. Talk To Astrologer to find out effective remedies for heart related issues in your Horoscope.

4th house and 6th in our horoscope is regarded as the houses through which one can see and check medical condition and well -being of a native.

Malefic placement of Jupiter in horoscope or malefic influence of Jupiter on Ascendant(Lagna) causes increase in fat, cholesterol, bilirubin and sometimes it may lead to heart attack

D9 chart also plays major role along with D1 planetary placement to see one’s health and fortune.

heart disease in medical astrology

Planets in Vedic Astrology responsible for certain medical condition, organ failure and Heart disease:-

Mostly Sun, Mars, Moon are responsible for heart trouble. Jupiter is responsible for liver and Kidney trouble. Venus is responsible for issue in private parts. Saturn is responsible for migraine and pain through bones. Rahu is responsible for chronic long time diseases. Nakshatra of Planets like Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter also play significant role in displaying chances of recovery from Heart disease.

In case of heart disease or heart failure:-

Sun:- Sun is the main planet which is responsible for heart dysfunction as Sun represents soul of heart and controls internal functional governing system of heart.
Moon:- Moon controls and governs the blood flow system in our heart and it has control over water and fluid in our body.
Mars:- Mars governs muscle tissue in our body and controls the muscles of the Heart. It also controls the bone marrow of our body.
Jupiter:- Jupiter has control over organs like liver and also over Arteries and Veins in our Heart.
Rahu:- Sudden stroke of heart due to blood pressure or organ failure happens due to Rahu.
Zodiac Sign Cancer in Rasi Chart also plays significant role in Heart disease but depends on which Planet is placed in Cancer sign in Horoscope or in which House Cancer sign falls as per Native’s Ascendant.

The House which are responsible Heart Disease in Birth Chart are as follows:-

1st House Lagna Ascendant:- Lagna or 1st house controls overall bodily functions I and health of an individual including Heart.
4th house in D1 (Lagna chart) and 4th house in (D9 Navamsa chart) rules the heart and heart related organs and functions.
6th house in D1 and D9 chart is the houses of disease short term or long term depend on planet placement in 6th house as well as 6th lord placement in D1 and D9 chart.
8th house:- This House represent death in D1 Chart. Death happened by any short or long disease govern by 8th house. Medication and suffering can be seen from 8th house. Diseases which are impossible to cure is seen from 8th house .

Planetary combination and lordship which signifies Heart Disease in an individual’s Horoscope:-

The placement of malefic planets like Saturn in 4th house or placement of Sun, Moon Mars in weak strength in 4th house gives chance of Heart disease. 4th lord in 3rd house, 6th house, 8th house, 12th house gives chances of heart attack.

Placement of Lordship of 4th house of Lagna (D1 chart ) in Navamsa chart(D9 chart) also plays crucial role in defining heart disease. If any Planet which are placed in 4th house in D9 chart also plays key role to signify weather the heart problem will be long term or short term.

For Example:- Sun is your 4th lord in D1(Lagna chart) and placed in 6th or 8th house in D9 Chart indicates much possibility of Heart disease and long term medication.

Another Example:- Moon is your 4th lord in D1 chart and Moon is placed in 4th house or 12th house in Scorpio or Capricorn sign then it may take native to heart troubles after Young age.

Placement of Rahu or Mars or Saturn in 6th house in D1 or D9 may lead to heart if 6th lord is in 4th house or Sun and Moon playing malefic role in Horoscope.

For Example:- if in an individual Birth Chart, Saturn is in 6th house with Rahu and Sun is 4th house in Scorpio sign with Moon indicates heart attack and heart operation in life of that individual.

Another significant combination is that if Sun, Moon , Mars is together conjunct in 4th house then it will lead to heart trouble and heart issue which only can be dealt through medication.

Also, If Saturn and Rahu is adjacent to Sun or Moon in birth chart in D1 chart then it may lead to heart failure.

For Example:- Moon or Sun is placed in 4th house in D1 chart and Saturn is in 3rd house and Rahu is in 5th house so it makes native pone to heart disease.

Another Example:- if Moon and Mars is placed in 4th house and Saturn is in 5th house and Rahu is in 3rd house hen also it leads to serious heart disease and severe medical condition.

If 4th house is anyhow in D1 chart or in D9 chart is afflicted by Rahu, Saturn or Mars then it would lead to heart attack or other Heart issues in life in middle years of life.

Death can also occur by heart attack if Sun and Moon is weak and malefic in chart and Rahu or Mars is in 8th house.If Jupiter or Venus is in 4th house with Moon then it will save you from any major health issues or heart issues. Sun in 1st house also saves native from any major heart disease.

Astrological remedies for heart disease:

Every day during 5-6 in the morning give water to Sun God. Sun God will give strength to you and support you in health. You will be saved from heart diseases.

Daily recitation of Aditya Hrudayam stotram will protect every human being from heart diseases.

Worship your 5th house planet. If 5th house planet is in 6th house or 8th house then heart issues arises.