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Get Two Goddesses on Your Side: Fix Your Finances, Relationships and Stop Pain

DateMay 25, 2016

Is some unknown sorrow tugging at your heart? Or maybe the whole world seems to have turned against you. Or you never thought that someone well-meaning like you could have enemies.

Perhaps you strongly dislike for the word enemies, because you’ve made it a point to be kind and friendly to everyone.

Often the more we try to understand why sudden negativity and sorrow strike us, the more we’re left with doubt and confusion.

This can happen although we may be absolutely innocent and haven’t hurt anyone intentionally.


Loving solutions

Dr. Pillai has always made it clear—you need to ask for help when you are suffering.

Even if you don’t want to impose your troubles on others or feel shy, you can and must reach out or risk strengthening a bad karma.

You might ask your parents or a trusted a friend for help in difficult times—only to discover that they, too, are experiencing some problem and can’t help you with your complex issue.

The Goddess’ Powers

In our secularized world we imagine ourselves alone with our problems.

But myriad invisible beings have been protecting the Earth and its living forms since the beginning of time. If you could see with your third eye, you’d be surprised to discover that there are more invisible beings than those in physical forms.

Some of these celestial protectors have familiar names—such as Ganesha or Lakshmi, being the more popular archetypes of obstacle removal and wealth.

Goddesses have been around since immemorial times and have been unwaveringly benevolent towards human beings who invoke them.

Can you ask them for help? Yes. But you need to learn how, just as you need to speak the same language of an individual you want to contact.

Language is the means and sounds create, say the Siddha yogis. These great sages can also teach us the steps for connecting with the Goddesses—their names, their unique sound vibrations, their favorite foods and more.

Goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari

She is a Vedic Goddess embodying all the auspicious and powerful qualities of the Divine Feminine. She is red and shiny. Her physical attributes are absolute loveliness and endless grace.

She is known by many names—in fact the fastest way to contact her is reciting a long and traditional hymn—the Lalita Sahasranama, or the One Thousand Names of Lalita. She can remove all your predicaments when you invoke her through fire rituals and the recitation of her Sahasranama.

But as it happens with all Sanskrit chants, both correct sequence and right pronunciation of the hymns are paramount. Fire rituals, too, must be performed professionally and with plenty of protective steps, or the fire can be either ineffective or worse, become a vehicle for lower entities.

Lalita’s Unique Qualities

She is the consort of Shiva, the primordial Vedic God who transforms the entire universe.

Lalita takes on the form of the alluring Kameshwari to express love to her husband. She becomes Bala, a very beautiful little girl who embodies both innocence and infinite creative energy. As Sri Vidya she holds infinite divine knowledge and wisdom. As Durga she uses her many powers to defeat terrible dark forces oppressing humanity. These are just a few of Lalita’s forms.

Your devotion and sincerity along with the appropriate rituals are the keys for receiving her help and fast miracles.

Dr. Pillai—conveying the knowledge of the ancient seers—has revealed that no one in the universe is as powerful as the Divine Feminine. Even male Gods are powerless without her.

What to ask Lalita
  • Ask this Goddess for help and protection from enemies or fierce, harmful competitors.
  • Ask her to remove evil spells. Not only do such things exist, they can also be very destructive. Of course, those who cast such spells are ignorant of the law of karma—they will be struck back tenfold for breaking universal laws and harming innocent people.
  • Ask her for love and a perfect relationship in which your emotional needs are totally fulfilled and harmony reigns.
  • Ask her for beauty and become a reflection of her purity and attractiveness.
  • Ask her to bring you a financial windfall. Request gold or a house or a car.

You name it—she can deliver it to you. On May 31, a day filled with auspicious, powerful astrological vibes, can bring you miracles from Goddess Lalita and her fierce form Durga.

Participating in rituals in their honor through professional chanting of both the Lalita Sahasranama and the Durga Stotram on this day will end your sorrow and restore your happiness and peace of mind.


Goddess Pratyangira

Her name alone can make even the most callous demon tremble. Sporting the head of a lioness and fearsome fangs, she can right all wrongs and defeat negative entities—both in the subtle and manifest forms.

June 5 brings a powerful day for worshipping this ferocious Goddess. By harnessing the influence of the planets Saturn and Mars on Rohini—a constellation of Taurus—you can receive the help of Pratyangira.

This Goddess needs to be handled with care. Often non-professional rituals to her can backfire as her energy is exceedingly strong.

Imagine her blue body with one thousand heads, one thousand weapons and two thousand hands. Ouch. No demon can survive her might.


According to the Ramayana, a Hindu epic, Indrajit, the son of the terrible demon Ravana, was performing a sacred fire ritual to worship Pratyangira to stop Rama (a hero and righteous incarnation of Vishnu) and his army who were battling to conquer the city of Lanka.

Hanuman, the monkey-headed God and loyal protector of Rama, immediately flew to stop this ritual. He knew that had Indrajit performed it, he would have turned invincible and won the war.

Pratyangira is also known as Narasimhi or the feminine version of the fierce, lion-headed incarnation of Vishnu called Narasimha.

A myth isn’t the result of blind faith, but the product of concentrated subconscious knowledge. Dr. Pillai calls myths “real, eternal and absolute realities.”

What Pratyangira can do for you

  • She can bring back what was stolen from you
  • She can grant you victory over evil individuals trying to harm you
  • She can restore your health after illness
  • She can reduce or entirely remove your debts
  • She can defeat rivals who are using evil means to win over you
  • She solves complex problems caused by unknown obstacles

Note: Your devotion and pure intentions are fundamental tools to get positive results.

Enjoy the energy of the Goddesses!

By Donatella Lalitha Riback


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