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December Forecast – All Moon Signs

On December 18, 2015

Dear Aries,

Good news for you: your status will grow in December. Be timely in completing your assignments. This month your relationship will bring you many happy occasions to celebrate together. But a bit of stress makes December a mixed bag for relationships. Watch out for excessive expenses! You'll be a winner in every competition or litigation. Stay active and eat only healthy foods. This will allow you to truly enjoy the celebrations. Happy holidays! Read more

Dear Taurus,

You’ll be happier this month courtesy of your ruler Venus now in Libra. Your relationships with your family members, peers and spouse will improve. Home décor is in the stars. But Saturn might keep you too busy for romance and you should get lots of rest to be in good shape for this season’s parties. Your increased focus on your career will help you succeed. Avoid holiday overindulgence and stay healthy. Happy holidays! Read more


Dear Gemini,

Your life is getting better every day and past problems will vanish in December. This month will keep you hopping from location to location through short travels. It’s time to forgive others and improve your relationships. This will make your holidays sparkle brighter. Be amiable at work and avoid large investments. Happy holidays! Read more

Dear Cancer,

Great news for you: if you haven’t felt well in recent memory, your health will now greatly improve. You could profitably sell a family property this month. Travel with your romantic partner is in the cards and you’ll love it. Watch out for major holiday purchases. December will bring you success from past hard work. Keep cordial relationships at work and avoid emotional overeating. Happy holidays! Read more

Dear Leo, You have worked very hard in recent memory and you will now be rewarded with higher reputation and success. Your spiritual practices are going to be a big part of your life and you will love the peace and joy you experience through them and thanks to your children. It’s also a good time for your relationship and loving vibes are in the air for you. Keep a healthy diet and avoid excessive expenses. Happy holidays! Read more

Dear Virgo,

You’ll see gradual improvements in all areas of your life. Avoid impulsive decisions. Stay as calm and positive as possible in your connections with others. Your love relationship will benefit from a short trip together and long conversations—this way, you will enjoy better understanding and a deeper bond. Avoid overly spicy foods and stay cool. Your good leadership qualities will contribute to your success. Happy holidays! Read more

Dear Libra,

Your career is about to bring you great satisfaction this month. Your relationship and understanding with your parents and siblings will be positive. Your love relationship will improve and your partner might act possessively—this will cause you some differences. Staying calm and flexible will help your relationship. Your work environment will be satisfactory and others will support you in your career. You’ll be healthy this month—only avoid fatigue due to excess parties or travels. Happy holidays! Read more

Dear Scorpio,

You’ll be more self-confident this month and will be able to overcome obstacles at work. You must watch for minor ailments and do your best to stay healthy. Your love relationship will bring you happiness. While your cash flow will be good, you may need extra funds for investments. Keep a healthy diet. Happy holidays! Read more

Dear Sagittarius,

You can expect a much better month. Higher responsibilities and status at work are going to make you happier. Your children, too, will keep you smiling. You superiors and subordinates will treat you with more regards and a financial bonus will make your holidays happier. You will benefit financially through foreign sources. Take care of your health and take plenty of time to relax and make sure you get enough sleep. Happy holidays! Read more

Dear Capricorn

This month will bring you relief in both your personal and professional matters. During the first half of December, you’ll work hard to complete assignments and tasks. But in the second half of the month, you’ll enjoy the results! Your relationship will bring you happiness and your income will grow. You might even get a promotion—and you totally deserve it. Be gentle with yourself and get enough rest. Eat only healthy foods to avoid hyperacidity. Financial freedom is on its way. Happy holidays! Read more

Dear Aquarius

Good news for you this month both at home and work. The investment you’ve been keeping your eyes on can now bring you good profits, especially in real estate. You’ll feel attracted to your partner and you’ll want to spend quality time together. Avoid differences of opinion and arguments. You need to find time to relax in December, as you’ve been working very hard. Yoga and meditations are now ideal activities for you. Be nice at work and you’ll have a splendid month. Happy holidays! Read more

Dear Pisces,

You’re a sensitive soul. To make up for this, you’ve been a bit bossy lately. Avoid pressure from others on you by completing your work on time. Be extra gentle and cooperative in your relationship and you’ll enjoy your time together.

Your skills will be appreciated at the office or workplace and this will bring you much satisfaction. You need to hit the gym this month dear Pisces. Stay fit, avoid emotional overeating and maintain a regular routine. Happy holidays! Read more

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback

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