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Characteristics of Vishaka Nakshatra

DateApril 6, 2015

Vishaka is the 16th nakshatra out of 27 in the constellation. It spans across the zodiac sign of Libra 20°00′ to 3°20′ in Scorpio. It is a star of purpose and is also known by the name `Radha`, deity of Lord Krishna. It is governed by the Planet Jupiter, whose influence makes the natives wise, intellectual and knowledgeable.

The presiding deity of this nakshatra is Lord Indra and Lord Agni. This makes the natives goal oriented and they have the power to attain their goals. The power of this nakshatra is `Vyapana Shakti` the power achieve, manifest through courage, determination and burning desire. Lord Muruga was born under this nakshatra.

Characteristics of Vishaka Nakshatra

The symbol of Vishaka is an arched gateway decorated with leaves. This archway is generally seen in marriages in India for auspiciousness.

Moon in Vishaka

Positive Traits

Those born with Moon in Vishaka are practical, highly intelligent with brilliant insights. They believe in God but do not show any inclination to orthodox principles or age old traditions. They are energetic, one pointed, with many ambitions. They are skilled in making money. They are blessed with an attractive personality and are jovial and happy most of the times.

They show appreciation to all good things in life. They impress people through their communication and oratory skills. They have a broad and progressive outlook and readily accept modern ideas. They are highly independent and do not like to get confined to anyone or anything. This makes them successful business entrepreneurs.

Negative Traits

The natives exhibit qualities like restlessness, aggressiveness, ruthless and greedy. They are quarrelsome, jealous, greedy, and create dissent among others. They get jealous of other`s wealth and status. They become unscrupulous in attainment of their goals as they become fixed in their self-interest.

They can pursue false goals and indulge in bad ways to accomplish their interests.


The natives born under Vishaka should offer prayers to Ashta Vasus or 8 Vasus. They can also offer prayers to Lord Shiva to mitigate the malefic effects caused due to this nakshatra and to enjoy beneficial results.


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