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Characteristics of Mrigashirsha Nakshatra

DateFebruary 6, 2020

About Mrigashirsha Nakshatra

Mrigashirsha is the fifth nakshatra out of 27 in the constellation. It is called the Orion. It falls under the zodiac sign of Taurus and Gemini. It is ruled by the Moon and the planet ruling this nakshatra is Mars. The symbol of this nakshatra is Deer or Antelope.

The Shakti of this asterism is `Pirana Shakti`, meaning power of fulfilment.


The word Mriga means forest, hunter and signifies a guide or a leading force. It is also called the searching star, and the natives of these nakshatra exhibit tendencies of search and quest. Restlessness, nervousness, inquisitiveness are inherent characteristics of these individuals.

Positive side of Mrigashirsha

They are highly intelligent, knowledge seeking and are highly successful in conducting investigations. They are reputed and respectable people in social circles. They possess good administration skills and are always keen to learn and observe.

These natives are sharp, good looking, truthful, enthusiastic and loved by all. They have a great combination of strength and strong determination. They can be exhilarating and entertaining leaders. They are clear in all that they undertake and do not change jobs or professions easily as they remain focussed and never deviate from the goal. They perform their activities with passion and courage and are ready to take risks. Their mental dexterity makes them competent enough to solve complex problems with ease. Strong mental abilities and conversational skills are evident in those born under this asterism.

They are fond of travelling and indulge in extensive travels. The seeking quality in these natives makes them very creative. They have interests in the field of music and arts and gain name and fame in these areas. They radiate charm and possess a dynamic personality.

The natives of Mrigashirsha nakshatra are fond of their families and openly display love and affection to their loved ones. They have a sense of satire and are fond among social circles. They have large number acquaintances and relatively few close friends.

Negative side of Mrigashirsha

On the negative side, they display traits of duplicity, nervousness, restlessness, and fickleness. Sometimes they can be argumentative and superficial. They can become quick and arrogant when crossed by others.

Regular prayers to Goddess Parvati will bring highly beneficial results to these natives.

Characteristics of Mrigashirsha Nakshatra

Mrigashirsha nakshatra males Physical features

He has a stout and attractive body, is tall with a moderate complexion, long arms and thin legs.

Mrigashirsha nakshatra males General Characteristics

A peculiar trait of his is his tendency to doubt everything. He shows complete sincerity in his dealings with others and also expects the same from them. People find him pleasant. However, he has to be very careful when dealing with friends and relatives. If he has a partnership business, it is likely that he may be cheated. If he trusts others blindly, he may end up regretting it. He is capable of dealing even with those who betray him. He has a brilliant mind. But his concern for others makes him a victim of circumstances and people.

He is a simple person and likes to live simply and maintain his principles. His opinions are always impartial and sincere. He can become very impatient and intolerant when he experiences prejudice, judgment or action by others. He does not listen to other people’s opinions. Though he claims to be courageous, he is actually a coward. Peace of mind will elude him and even small matters will annoy him. Up to 32 years of age, his life will be full of ups and downs. He will be like a boat adrift on the ocean. After he turns 32, he will settle down satisfactorily, unless planetary positions are not good.

Education and employment for Mrigashirsha nakshatra males:

He may have a sound education. He can make a good financial adviser. He will advise others to control their spending, but cannot control his own expenses. Finally he finds himself in debt. Success will come after the age of 32. Until then life will not be smooth. He will start new projects before completing the tasks in hand. He is unable to undertake any permanent work.

Period between 33–50 years will be very fruitful and he will receive many benefits. But it is likely that his earnings during this period will be lost due to his own mistakes.

Marriage and Family life of Mrigashirsha nakshatra males:

He will get no benefit from siblings. They will cause problems for him and will be like his enemies. His genuine love and affection will be wasted on his relatives. He will be mistaken for no fault of his own. It only shows how stars influence the lives of human beings.

His spouse may have health problems. Married life may not be smooth owing to difference of opinion on trivial matters and his stubborn nature. Often, the reason for disharmony is mainly due to the inferiority complex caused by one partner’s better job or income.


As a child, he may face ill-health. He may suffer from constipation which leads to stomach disorders, cuts and wounds, and pain in the shoulders near the collarbones.

Mrigashirsha Nakshatra Female Natives Physical features

She is tall with sharp features, a charming face and her body is lean and beautiful.

Mrigashirsha Nakshatra Female General Characteristics

She is highly intelligent and very keen on social work. She is mentally alert and quick-witted but selfish. Because she has a poisonous tongue, she needs to be careful when having arguments. If she curses someone, her curses may harm them. She is well-educated and fond of the arts. She will be devoted to her husband. She will have enough wealth to live comfortably and consume good food. She will have many ornaments and fine clothes. She will be greedy for money.

Education and employment for Mrigashirsha female natives:

She will have good knowledge in telephones, electronics, mechanical or electrical engineering, etc. It is a surprising fact that she is more interested in jobs preferred by males.

Marriage and Family life for Mrigashirsha nakshatra females:

Even after getting married she will be busy with various activities. She dominates her husband utterly. She may have a couple of love affairs before marriage. After marriage, she will be devoted to her husband.


There will be intermittent health problems. Goiter, pimples, menstrual problems, venereal diseases and shoulder pains are likely for her.


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