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Characteristics and Personality of Leo

DateJuly 10, 2014

If one`s Moon sign is Leo then it means that Planet Moon was in the sign of Leo at the time of one`s birth in a birth chart. Moon signs represent the unseen, intuitive, emotional, psychic, instinctive aspects of one`s personality.


Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by the planet Sun. Power, majesty, royalty, magnanimity rule this sign. It is a sign of fire known for its warmth and energy.

Moon in Leo Zodiac Sign makes a person to become a source of energy to others and will be the motivating force to many. They move with confidence and will love to rule. They tend to dominate any environment they survive in. They are great friends who value friendship. They never let down their friends or those who lay their trust upon them. They like to lead a luxurious and comfortable life. They are flamboyant and put much attention to external beauty and looks.

They possess grace, creativity, dignity and an expansive personality.

Positive Traits

  • It is one of the bold zodiac sign. Those born under this sign are courageous and brave. Even in the worst of situations, they face it bravely and remain steadfast. They move on in spite of the odds. They exhibit great power and prowess.
  • They are born leaders with good organizing capacity and exert strong qualities of leadership. They are strong and stand up for themselves with courage and determination.
  • Being immensely ambitious, they strive zealously to reach the highest peak in whatever they aspire to do.
  • They always carry an air of pride around them. They are proud of themselves in whatever they do and wherever they go they exhibit this trait.
  • Being assured and confident in their moves, they are highly influential in nature. They do not like to follow others and they make their own set of rules. They can easily influence others through the power of their personality.
  • They know what they want and also know how to achieve their targets as they are straightforward and uncomplicated in their approach.
  • They never give in to discouragement in the face of any adverse situation. They will always walk forward with head held high and face turned toward the Sun. Such is the power of their personality.

Negative Traits

  • Conceit and arrogance tend to dominate the people of this sign as they want to rule every situation and dislike taking orders from others. They remain obstinate and firm in their thinking and attitude.
  • They appear gullible as they are too trusting and generous with people. They are not good judges of character.
  • The hot temper in them makes them lose many things and relationships too as they find it hard to wield control over their fiery emotions.
  • They appear proud, snobbish and yield to flattery very easily. They tend to get jealous of their rivals.
  • They have lust for power and are boastful in their talk. However, they strive to balance their vices and virtues.


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