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Chandra Ashtama Defeat the Days of Difficulties!

According to the Vedic Astrology, the significance and energy of Moon determines the power of mind. We know that a disturbed mind cannot have peaceful thoughts and a positive mind can only enjoy the peaceful moments in life. So, it is necessary to identify the Moon’s Vexation (malefic) days, which are the days of distraction that affects your peace of mind.

 Chandra Ashtama

Time of Troubles

It is believed that there are 3 days in particular that the Moon will affect you the most. They are referred to as the Chandra Ashtama days in which Moon is positioned 8 Houses away from your Moon Sign for 2 days, and one day of your ‘Janma Nakshatra’ or Birth Star. These days represent the time for troubles and you may be prone to become an ego manic due to the effect of Moon.

It is necessary to know about the 8th Moons and your day of power Birth Star days for resolving the issues of inconveniences during the period of Chandra Ashtama. It’s time to be cautious for deactivating the negative effects of Moon which concerns your power of mind!

On Chandra Ashtama days, a person’s mind is not in a balanced state to take correct decisions. Everyone needs to take more precaution and must be alert on these days. You can prevent many disputes, unpleasantness, tensions and a lot more misfortune during this period.

Chandra Ashtama Days of Personal 8th Moons

When the Moon enters 8 Houses from your Moon Sign, your mind enters its personal torment. You can observe these ‘Chandra Ashtama’ days and act accordingly to lessen the misery and gain peace by performing powerful rituals to the Moon.

Your mind enters an uncertain state full of insecurity and worries. This cannot be easily detected and diagnosed with ordinary physiological or psychological testing; however, the affliction does show your levels of personality. The Moon indicates your love, affinity, emotions, sentiments, feelings, affections and all that is beyond the scope of physical forms of existence.

On Chandra Ashtama day, this inner world of the mind gets more affected. The Moon will induce more negative thoughts in you, disturb your mind, confuse you, and stress you leaving you depressed and anxious.

It is strongly recommended that you control your Chandra Ashtama days before you meet significant people, make important decisions or start any new activity on this day.

Your Day of Power Birth Star Days

On your Birth Star day, the Moon imparts influences that can make you detached and energized. It is a personal day of power for you as the Moon returns to the position it was on the day you were born. Some say that your souls incarnate through a star. With the Moon aligned on your star, your soul is imbued with over confidence and surety, causing instability in your mind.
However, prayers or performing of rituals on this day can go a long way in stabilizing your mind by empowering you to make the right decisions in your life.

Protect Your Mind from Instability & Get Blessed With Clarity of Thought & Purpose

  1. Your message somewhat related to puram star today.tku.

  2. my nakshatra is hasta and i joined to my job on a chandrashtama day(monday),,,i couldn’t perform well in my job even i know everything,,please tell any remedy for this

  3. Worship Goddess PArvati and Lord Shiva on 5 mondays and on your next chandrashtama day, perform Archana to this dieties and Lord Moon.

  4. Can a marriage be fix in chandhrashtamam

  5. No, Not Good

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