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Capricorn: Characteristics and Personality

DateDecember 24, 2015

Dear Capricorn Zodiac Sign, your perseverance and follow through are two solid pillars of your successful life, both professionally and personally.

These qualities, in addition to your sound work ethic and tenacious approach, make you stand tall in your chosen field and society.

You often reach professional pinnacles that others can only dream of. Those who are envious of your success are also oblivious to your sacrifices and the extremely long hours you put into building your reputation and assets.

In fact, Saturn—the planet of hard work, service people, the underprivileged and success through tenacity—is your powerful yet fear-inducing ruler.


Parashara, one of the fathers of Vedic astrology, called you “reliable, honest and sincere.” This is because your steady and no-frills approach makes you a favorite of all those who want a serious and stable relationship partner and colleagues.
However, you seek a sensitive and emotional partner who can compensate for your distant façade.

But you aren’t unfeeling, dear Capricorn.

It’s just that to ‘get things done’ you must avoid turmoil and drama. And it works.

Unlike many peers who start projects and leave them unfinished, you take all your goals to the finish line and know no boredom in the process—because you know that sacrifice is a must when you set to achieve anything of value. And you do sacrifice yourself, dear Capricorn.

For this reason, your family and loved ones are grateful to you—even when they complain about your long hours at the office and miss you.

Favorable Traits

  • Stable
  • Perseverant
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Serious
  • Spiritual
  • Steady
  • Accomplished
  • Productive
  • Dutiful
  • Traditional
  • Structured
  • Status builder

Unfavorable Traits

  • Rigid
  • Calculating
  • Cold
  • Unemotional
  • Conformist
  • Overly ambitious

Nakshatras (or Birth Stars)

The following constellations further define Capricorn.

Uttara Ashada: This is a bright constellation ruled by the mighty Sun and the Gods of dharma (or righteousness and duty). Characteristics are: a deep concern for humanity’s welfare and a focus on ‘doing the right thing’ at all times. Those born in this star have great virtues of honesty, integrity and gratitude—great assets that make them winners in society.Read more on Uttarashadha Nakshatra

Shravana: This nakshatra symbolizes ‘listening with attention’ and profound learning. The rulers are the Moon and the Preserver of the Universe, Vishnu. Those born in this star are both traditional and knowledgeable. They attain wisdom and success through oral traditions and traveling to foreign lands. They seek and obtain wealth and have a warmer disposition than other Capricorns. Shravana is also ethical, creative and humanitarian.

Danishtha: This birth star is also known as the Wealthiest and Most Famous. It’s ruled by the Eight Vasus, Gods of Solar Energy and Light, and the planet Mars. This energy bestows musical talents and prosperity. Those born in this nakshatra are compassionate and charitable towards the needy. Mars grants an adventurous spirit and the Vasus make them service oriented and socially adept. Danishtha individuals can achieve balance between their material and spiritual lives.

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback


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