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Capricorn Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,219
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Capricorn, the sign that is As the tenth sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn represents Ambition. For Capricorn, Determination is the keyword, Caution, their quality and Practicality is their identity. The word Capricorn is a compound of two Latin terms and literally means the horn of a she-goat or goat-horned. The Goat or the Mountain Goat is the symbol of Capricorn and represents ambition. Saturn is their key planet, which denotes boundaries and limitations. Earth is their element, which points to practicality. Capricorn is worldly-wise, aspiring, persevering, disciplined, patient, well organized and has a strong sense of duty. But they can also be stubborn and pessimistic. Capricorn Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

Capricorn Woman

A woman born in the zodiac sign of Capricorn is well known for her ambition. It is immaterial whether she is a career person or a home maker, a Capricorn woman essentially wants to achieve and succeed. Her symbol is the goat, and driven by a strong desire, the Capricorn woman endeavours to rise higher and higher in life, just as a mountain goat tries to climb up and up, on to a hill. They set high, but realistic and attainable goals for themselves, and start working with a clear focus, unwavering concentration and a steely determination for achieving them. They are insistent in their quest, but are balanced enough not to take any impulsive decisions and rash actions. They are cautious, but do take calculated risks and make decisions, which are well thought out. For them, motivation comes from their own selves, not from outside, and this drives them to look for opportunities, even where none seem to exist for others. They fear poverty and have a strong need for security. This is the reason, work is very important for them. Assuring for themselves and also their dear ones, comfortable life and secured future, can be said to form the basis of their ambition and determination.
Pragmatism remains as important a part of a Capricorn woman character, as ambition and goal orientation are. They have the sensibility and maturity not to allow their aspirations get the better of them. Not getting carried away by any sort of fantasies, they apply sound logic, carefully think about the feasibility of a proposal, take into account all the facts for consideration and weigh the pros and cons of an action plan, before launching themselves into it. They are logical and are quite confident to rely heavily on their own judgments, which are normally sound and reliable. It should be said that their strong and celebrated practical instinct comes into generous play here. They are also well disciplined and will work with complete application of mind in any task they consider important. They are forceful, but have tremendous patience and perseverance, and will wait for things to materialize. They are experts in the war of attrition, who can simply wear down competition. However, a Capricorn woman is also a repository of many contradictory traits that makes her a complex personality. Their strong determination can make them quite inflexible. They start believing that their thinking, decisions and actions are infallible. Becoming stubborn and intolerant, they put on blinkers, denying themselves exposure to other sensible views. Trying to secure many things for themselves and for their future, they can become selfish too; making even their well- wishers shun them at times. Strangely, with all their confidence, they tend to become pessimistic too, when they have to work against odds, and start feeling that they have not done enough and that they are not going to make it after all. They can also be suspicious and temperamental, and behave erratically. They are confident people good in communication, but strangely do remain shy and hesitant, thus denying themselves opportunities. With such attributes, they may find it difficult to form close bonds even with relatives and friends. A Capricorn woman is graceful and well mannered. She is not emotional, but is sensible and practical in the affairs of the heart. She gives and receives love in abundance, and can hold back her own needs and desires for the happiness and welfare of her partner, children and family. However, overtly concerned about the financial and other securities, they may start worrying a lot about future even over imaginary fears, becoming depressed and gloomy. If they can fine tune their positive traits of ambition, determination and practical instincts, and be consciously aware of their shortcomings like stubbornness and pessimism, the Capricorn women can become successful individuals, who can be looked upon as examples by others.

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