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Aries – Taurus Compatibility

DateAugust 4, 2014

Aries is a fire sign and Taurus is an earth sign. An Aries would love to take life in his or her hands and take initiatives to handle life. A Taurus on the other hand will take life as it comes and be more practical with plans for future well drawn out. So Aries tend to find Taurus very mundane.

In good number of cases, Aries and Taurus make very good romance partners or couples for one good reason – their honesty in love and sense of loyalty. Their nature encourages them to keep channels of communication open for better interaction and good level of understanding.

Aries – Taurus Compatibility
Man and Woman relationship:

Fire, Earth, Air and Water are the four elements and each of the Zodiac signs depicts the characteristics of one of these four elements.

When a man and a woman belonging to signs governed by similar elements bond into a relationship, they get comfortable with each other easily. But in a relationship, couples with different elements complement each other with their unique approach to life.

An Aries person born with earth sign will eventually aspire to imbibe the qualities of Taurus or fire sign. An Earth-Fire relationship will last long if they stay far from each other in the initial days of their relationship. They also should be able to respect each other’s unique nature instead of trying to change each other.

In a love relationship, Aries are restless and desire instant gratification whereas Taurus takes measured steps after many considerations.

Differences that may arise in their relationship:

So Aries and Taurus or the Ram and Bull are intrinsically different in nature which easily gives way to negative vibes between each other. They tend to perceive each other very differently and that leads to frustrations in relationship. Aries begin to appear more aggressive, freedom loving and extravagant next to a Taurus. On the other hand, the later appears lazy, boring and lacking enthusiasm to pursue a cause or purpose in life.

These differences in nature become less pronounced with maturity, when the couple realizes that one’s nature can complement the other. The Taurean can learn to be more hopeful and enthusiastic about life and the Aries imitate the Bull’s placid stability.

While a little down-to-earth Aries is good for a healthy life, so is a little enthusiastic and adventurous Taurus.


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