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Aquarius: Characteristics and Personality

On December 17, 2015

When others describe you as truly different or unique, they both get it right and make you smile. You already know that you think unconventionally and to you a self-focused path in isolation from society is unacceptable.

You know how to make your mark in this world, dear Aquarius, and wherever you go you carry openness and compassion towards others, especially those who’ve been abandoned and neglected. This is because the planet ruler of lower classes and laborers, Saturn, brings you the necessary perseverance to ameliorate society.

Aquarius Characteristic

For these reasons, you don’t hesitate to voice your unhappiness for the ills of society. In fact, your dreams are often based on ending injustice and granting everyone, no matter how humble their beginnings, equal shares of the world’s wealth and well-being. What would the world do without you, dear Aquarius? We need your self-sacrificing spirit and innovative approach.

You are most comfortable in groups and when your work or interests take you in front of a large audience, you don’t shy away and can easily hide your emotions to deliver your intelligent observations.

If you avoid a sense of guilt for your innate gifts and possessions, you can exert a very positive impact on others and better serve the underprivileged.

Your other ruler, the northern lunar node Rahu, makes truly you ingenious and capable of doing amazing amounts of research to understand the past, the present and the future—this is why you could be a gifted astrologer or historian.

Favorable Traits

  • Humanitarian
  • Scientific
  • Unconventional
  • Innovative
  • Reformer
  • Sociable
  • Curious
  • Driven
  • Compassionate
  • Mystical

Unfavorable Traits

  • Fixated
  • High strung
  • Insecure
  • Discouraged
  • Depressed

Nakshatras (or Birth Stars)

The following constellations further define Aquarius.

Danishta: This star is ruled by the Eight Vasus, Gods of Solar Energy and Light and the planet Mars. This energy bestows musical talents and prosperity. Those born in this nakshatra are compassionate and charitable towards the needy. Mars grants an adventurous spirit and the Vasus make them service oriented and socially adept.

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Shatabhisha: This nakshatra is also known as the 100 Physicians, which indicates a great energy for healing and medical science. Varuna, the God of Rain and Cosmic Waters and the planet Rahu are the rulers. When those born in this star avoid sadness and isolation, they can be great researchers and innovators in their society. They must channel their energy for the highest good of all and avoid anxiety. People born here are both independent and interested in social sciences and astrology.

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Purva Bhadrapada: This star is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the Vedic deity Aja Ekapada, who for many was considered a form of Shiva with great esoteric powers. Those born in this star are intelligent and scholarly and make great educators and reformers. They easily sacrifice themselves to save others from ignorance and harsh living conditions. This star is among the most idealistic of the 27 nakshatras and its energy grants perseverance and brings tendencies towards mysticism.

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Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback

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