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Aquarius Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,461
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Aquarius, the sign that is As the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius represents Humanitarianism. For Aquarius, Compassion is the keyword, Frankness, their quality and being Thinkers is their identity. The word Aquarius is a Latin translation of the Greek name, which means ‘the water pourer’. The Water-Bearer is the symbol of Aquarius, which truly represents this sign. Just as the bearer or pitcher stores and provides precious water, the Aquarius too enriches the world with their invaluable thoughts. Uranus and Saturn are their key planets. Uranus is the strangest of planets, which denotes surprise and sudden energy, while Saturn indicates restrictions and limitations. Air is their element, which points to movement. Aquarius is friendly, affectionate, broad-minded, progressive, modern, attractive and creative. They are great intellectuals, who essentially remain as seekers of truth. But they can also be harsh and cold. Aquarius Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

Aquarius Man

A man born in the zodiac sign of Aquarius is essentially humane. Aquarians are intellectuals, but they are earthly beings, who don’t live in ivory towers. They are highly compassionate and also remain socially conscious. Their affection is not confined only to the family and to those close to them, but is driven by their inherent sense of humanitarianism. Their love flows beyond their homes, and encompasses the surroundings, the community, the country and even the entire world. Whatever be his social standing, financial strength and positional power, there will definitely be a noble intent deeply embedded in him for making the world a better place for everyone to live. And he will also not hesitate to contribute his might for achieving this cherished objective. They are creative thinkers who can comprehend even abstract philosophical ideas and are also visionaries, who have the foresight to know about things that are waiting to happen. Such rare endowments, they try to use for the good of the larger society.
Aquarian men are honest, may be they are too noble-minded to be otherwise. This makes them to be just, fair and extremely frank. They are also imaginative and creative, with great spontaneity and inquisitiveness. They are quick learners. They can learn many languages, master varied subjects, have strong communication skills and engage people in purposeful conversation. They also have a very good sense of humour, are soft in nature, independent, broad minded, modern in their outlook and have their own appeal. However Aquarian men too have their set of weaknesses. They are truthful and are frank, but tend to take these positive traits to extremes. Thinking that they are speaking only the truth after all, they turn out to be blunt and harsh. This indiscretion will easily hurt others and show the Aquarians as inconsiderate and insensitive, and will antagonize even friends and relatives. They are also not very outgoing, do not open up and mingle readily with people, and can thus create an impression that they are aloof and cold. This contributes to their having only a few real friends, in spite of a host of acquaintances around. Many Aquarian men actually end up as loners, living a detached and emotionally secluded life, in spite of being part of large social circles. Their views and opinions are sacrosanct for them, and they cling on to them and refuse to budge an inch. When their obduracy is questioned and their views are challenged, they tend to counter attack with sarcasm, putting off people around them, all the more. When they are off-colour, they can also become unpredictable and even rebellious without a cause. The unconventional nature of an Aquarius man will reflect in his love life too. His romance will include a psychological fulfillment, as much as a physical satisfaction. He will be a realistic and responsible family man, providing for the needs of the family, and also ensuring that the members enjoy their individual freedom and space. However, he can be unsentimental and even cold at times. He will have his romantic moments, but those may be devoid of real passion or deep emotions. If they themselves can value and cherish their own enviable traits like compassion, humanitarianism and honesty, and have a conscious check over their extreme frankness and stubbornness, the Aquarius men can blossom into adorable entities, who can be admired, celebrated and emulated.

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