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4 Most Auspicious Nakshatras

DateMay 13, 2024

What Are Nakshatras?

In Vedic astrology, the zodiac belt is divided into 27 stars or Nakshatras (lunar constellations). Each Nakshatra covers 13 degrees and 20 minutes. Astrologers calculate the Nakshatra from Ashwini, ending with Revati, covering 0 to 30 degrees in a circular path. The Moon spends almost a day in each Nakshatra. There are 27 days in a lunar month, which corresponds to the number of Nakshatras.

In Hindu mythology, all 27 Nakshatras are supposedly Daksha’s daughters and the Moon is their common husband.
Nakshatras have many attributes like deity, owner, caste, gender, species, etc. Each Nakshatra has 4 quarters, or Padas, and has a planetary ruler. Each Pada of a Nakshatra spans 3.20 degrees, called Navamsa.

Unlike Western astrology, which is based on Sun signs, Vedic astrology is based on Moon signs. The Nakshatra, where the Moon is at the time of your birth, is your birth star or Janma Nakshatra. Your birth star has a huge influence on your personality. People born in different Nakshatras have different strengths, weaknesses, and habits.

The Nakshatra is also responsible for activating the favorable and unfavorable periods in your life. The Nakshatra Lord is like the driver of the Moon who travels through the Nakshatras. It is responsible for its exaltation and debilitation.

4 Most Auspicious Nakshatras

All the Nakshatras come from 3 sources:

  • Deva (Divine)
  • Nara (Human)
  • Rakshasa (Demon)

Some Nakshatras are believed to be very auspicious for the birth of a child. In fact, there are 4 such Nakshatras. Let us know more about them.

Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini is the first of the 27 lunar constellations. It is a very auspicious Nakshatra for birth. People born under Ashwini Nakshatra will have power, dignity, sensitivity, and strength. They will be very quick in their actions and will be brimming with new ideas. They will be involved in many activities. They are clever and capable. They value freedom highly. Ashwini natives are large-hearted. They love to help others.

Ashwini Nakshatra is depicted as two horse-headed twins with golden armor. These natives are like untamed horses. They tend to be courageous, strong-willed, and enterprising. They love to explore life and are prone to wanderlust. They can be impatient and impulsive. Ketu is the ruling planet.

  • Symbol: Horse
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Gender: Male
  • Tree: Musti
  • Element: Earth
  • Gana: Deva
  • Bird: Wild Eagle
  • Guna: Rajas
  • Deity: Ashwini Kumaras (healers of the gods)

Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani is the second among the 27 Nakshatras. Bharani Nakshatra has the qualities of Planet Venus, which is its Lord. Its womanly traits – nurturing and creation – make it one of the most auspicious Janma Nakshatras.

These natives are focused on victory. They have great energy, interest, and enthusiasm to do new things. They are very faithful, hardworking, and determined. They express themselves with clarity. They are courageous and keep moving forward. They prefer to live in harmony with others. They are strong, with good immunity. They will do well in business and have the ability to run big businesses. Bharani people have a very strong character. Their sense of responsibility is strong, and they have a lot of endurance. They are honest, capable, driven, and successful.

Symbol: Yoni/Vagina

  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Element: Earth
  • Tree: Amla
  • Element: Earth
  • Gana: Manushya (human)
  • Bird: Crow
  • Guna: Rajas
  • Deity: Lakshmi

Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya or Pushti is the 8th Nakshatra on the zodiac belt. It is a nourishing star, and natives with this Janma Nakshatra have the brightest minds. Pushya is a benefic Nakshatra. It brings success and prosperity. Pushya natives are very kind, caring, and flexible. Pushya is the most lovable of the 27 Nakshatras. Its ruling Lord is Saturn. These natives are very protective and nurturing toward their family, society, and community. Pushya is Lord Rama’s star. These natives are very calm and patient. They love to help and serve others. Hardworking and responsible, they hold traditional values and views. They could suffer from mood swings.

  • Symbol: Arrow, flower
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Tree: Ashwatha Vriksha or Peepal
  • Element: Water
  • Gana: Deva
  • Bird: Sea Crow
  • Guna: Tamas
  • Deity: Brihaspati/Jupiter

Magha Nakshatra

Magha is the tenth Nakshatra, and Ketu is its ruling planet. Magha natives have a regal aura. This star signifies power, royalty, and authority. People tend to respect them. They make good leaders and tend to excel in their chosen fields. As the ruling planet, Ketu is associated with spirituality and detachment; these natives, too, have such traits. They are also very loyal to their family and friends. They regard their ancestors with great respect. But they can be quite stubborn and dominant at times. These natives are known for their strong work ethic and sense of discipline. They could excel in creative fields. They also make good organizers and managers.

Magha is ruled by Pitris (ancestors). Hence, it has a deep connection with ancestral deeds. These natives can be very traditional in their beliefs and values.

  • Symbol: Royal Throne or Palanquin
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Tree: Banyan Tree
  • Element: Water
  • Gana: Rakshasa (Demon)
  • Bird: Male Eagle
  • Guna: Tamas
  • Deity: Pitru Devta

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