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Why Mother's Day Is Celebrated

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,093
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Mother’s day is on 14th of May 2017. It is an auspicious and a thanksgiving day for all the Mothers in the world. It is the day to remember their commitment and sacrifices that has gone into bringing up children. If you are a mother, feel the pride for all that you have showered on your children out of overwhelming love for them. Whether you are a daughter or a son, seize the day to express your gratitude for what she has been for you and all that she could do for you.


This is the day for you to make her thankful to God – she will be overjoyed to know that you acknowledge all that she has done for you and you had been looking for an opportunity to make her happy, make her feel wanted and above all tell her that you love her.

The first Mother’s day

The celebration of Mother’s day started in the USA in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in West Virginia. She campaigned to celebrate Mother’s day as a holiday which she succeeded and eventually this day came to be celebrated in many countries over the world.

Ways to make your mother happy:

Getting in touch with her – If you live far away from your mother, call or send her a message to tell her that you love her and she matters so much to you. Order a bouquet or a box of savories for her – it would make her feel special and wanted.


Showering her with gifts – So many times she has stooped down to fulfill your wishes, and pampered you with what you like. Today is your day to pamper her with what she likes. Wrap a gift beautifully for her and place it on the kitchen counter, hide a gift in her closet for her to discover. You may delight her when she spots a new mug for her for a morning coffee, or may be a new pretty bathrobe in the bathroom, or a new handbag in the place of her earlier one. Make her feel that her loved ones are geared up to make it ‘a day exclusively for her’. Organizing a family get together – Plan a party at home without her knowledge and invite all her friends and relatives to a get-together. Make sure you arrange food and beverages and take up the role of your mother and as the host. Arranging for an exciting day – Make this day a memorable one! Book a room for her at a resort, hand over a coupon for relaxing at a spa or gift a voucher to buy dress and accessories for herself. Make this day significant for your relationship – This is also a day for a long and warm hug, time to extend your hands to her and give in to her desires. Talk your heart out with her and most importantly hear her out patiently. This would be a special day for a deeper connection between you and your Mom.

Astrological significance of the day

The star of this day (11th May 2014) is Hasta. The Moon will be in the sign Virgo and in the constellation of Hasta, which is ruled by the Moon. This is an astrological coincidence. Moon signifies Mother and on Mother’s day, Moon is powerful, residing on the throne of her own kingdom. The Zodiac sign of Virgo also denotes mother’s emotions, and acts of nurturing with love and care. So the alignment of the Moon in the Hasta star constellation in Virgo is ideal, depicting strong influence of Mother’s love pervading the atmosphere. Moon is worshipped to receive blessings of the Celestial Mother, the feminine force of creativity. In Vedic culture, fire rituals to the Moon are conducted for well-being of Mothers.  


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