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What Is Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Astrology Meaning

May 10, 2021 | Total Views : 39
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Eclipses can be compared to “wild cards” in our horoscopes. They are the universe’s tools that that compel us to pay attention to things in our life that need to change. They have an uprooting effect on us. They help us move to a higher plane, and they act very quickly. Eclipses demand that we change, and we really don’t have a choice.

Eclipses always come as pairs, coinciding with new moons and full moons or solar and lunar eclipses. They come in pairs of zodiac signs that are found exactly opposite to each other (six months apart) on the zodiac wheel.

Lunar Eclipse on Uncommon Planetary Alignment Day

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth will be between the Moon and the Sun, and it cuts off the Sun's light from the Moon. The Moon lacks its own light, as it only reflects the Sun's light. A lunar eclipse is always a full moon. And it often marks endings or culmination points. An eclipse is a major event in the heavens. If the solar eclipse is a new moon on steroids, the lunar eclipse is a full moon on steroids. They are as strong as three new moons or full moons.

Eclipses may bring news of childbirth, engagement or marriage, promotion, important travel, the signing of a business contract, or the launch of one’s own business. It can also bring news of the sale or purchase of a house, a shift to a new home across the country, surgery, getting or losing a family pet, a major health event, etc. It could bring college graduation or the start of a course of study. It can also bring on a divorce or mark the publication of a new book. 

Whatever occurs, the universe’s intent is to move you forward. Eclipses signal a major turning point.

After going through an eclipse, we cannot return to the old situation again. That option is gone forever. The changes may occur instantly or over a period of months. Still, they often come as a jolt.

Lunar eclipses 

Lunar eclipses can be more emotional, for they mark endings. They often make us feel sentimental. A full moon lunar eclipse can be a very emotional time as it dredges up memories and dreams. 

Eclipses often reveal hidden truths, which then act as a catalyst triggering major decisions. The information can be shocking or surprising. You will have to pay attention and also take action.
A full moon lunar eclipse, especially, will reveal the true character of a person close to you, and it may not be something nice. But be thankful for the truth will save you, despite being bitter. Besides, the eclipse also wants you to experience new things, so be ready for what comes next. At this time, just listen and respond. Do not make ultimatums and defer new ventures. If you have to sign a contract, postpone it. 

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth blocks the sun's light as it reflects off the moon’s surface. Only during a full moon, this happens. Lunar eclipses are of three types - penumbral, partial, and total. During a total lunar eclipse, the Earth completely blocks the sun's light. In a partial lunar eclipse, the Earth blocks the sun from the moon partially.

A penumbral lunar eclipse 2021 is more subtle. During this type of eclipse, the sun, Earth, and the moon are seen to be imperfectly aligned in a row. The Earth blocks off some of the sunlight from reaching the lunar surface directly, and it covers part of the moon or the entire moon with the penumbra or outer part of its shadow. One can see only a faint shadow over part of the lunar surface. 

Lunar eclipses are significant astronomical and astrological events. They are important in astrology because they involve the Sun and the Moon, two celestial bodies that have an important role in our lives.  

Much like a full moon, a penumbral lunar eclipse brings endings that seem almost destined to happen. The tricky part is that the endings will not happen quickly; they tend to develop over the next six months. But it also begins something new. Remember the saying, “When one door closes, another one opens.

Eclipses affect us on an individual level, bringing positive or negative events, depending on our personal chart. It can be rather dramatic. The news it brings often concerns life's major events. Such events tend to happen close to an eclipse. The best way to handle an eclipse is to be prepared for any eventuality and go with the flow since the changes they bring are mostly non-negotiable.

One may feel very emotional during the days close to a lunar eclipse, as the lunar energy is at its highest. During the days before a penumbral lunar eclipse, try to simplify your schedules. Find out where your attention is most needed, and release any stuff that is holding you back. Also, take time to rest and relax.

Penumbral eclipses usher in much-needed change or bring new opportunities. Pay attention and put your needs first.

Look out for the May 26, 2021, Lunar Eclipse. To understand which areas of your life it will impact and how you could consult an astrologer who will be able to tell you what the Lunar Eclipse 2021 will bring for you.

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