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Lunar Eclipse 2021 in India Date and Time

May 10, 2021 | Total Views : 62
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An Eclipse is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the celestial plane. Eclipse means blocking the celestial bodies, the Sun and the Moon for a specific duration of time. When it involves the Sun, it is known as the solar eclipse, and in the case of the Moon, it is the lunar eclipse. During the lunar eclipse, the sunlight to the Moon is blocked by the Earth. The light that is reflected from the Earth’s atmosphere makes the Moon visible on this night. If the lunar eclipse is in the penumbral region, then it is not visible to the naked eye.

Lunar Eclipse 2021 Date & Time:

The upcoming lunar eclipse on May 26, 2021 IST is a penumbral one. Hence, the Moon will not be visible to the naked eye after the Moonrise. Here are the timings of lunar eclipse 2021 on this day (Timings are given in IST):

  • First Contact with the Penumbra - 02:18 PM
  • First Contact with the Umbra - 03:15 PM
  • Total Phase Begins - 04:43 PM
  • Peak of Lunar Eclipse - 04:48 PM
  • Total Phase Ends - 04:54 PM
  • Last Contact with the Umbra - 06:21 PM
  • Last Contact with the Penumbra - 07:19 PM
  • Duration of Total Phase - 00 Hours 11 Mins 16 Secs
  • Duration of Partial Phase - 03 Hours 06 Mins 22 Secs
  • Duration of Penumbral Phase - 05 Hours 00 Mins 39 Secs

Lunar Eclipse on Uncommon Planetary Alignment Day

Vedic experts state that lunar eclipse is an optimal day to clear one’s karmic baggage, pacify your ancestors, and self-analysis. Sacred texts recommend performing Tarpanam (ancestral ritual) and meditation on the day of the lunar eclipse and after eclipse hours.

Astrological Significance of Lunar Eclipse 2021:

According to Vedic astrology, this lunar eclipse occurs on a day with rare planetary alignment. On this day, the Moon and Ketu are debilitated and Mercury, Venus, and Saturn occupy their own signs. The upcoming lunar eclipse will occur in the Moon sign Scorpio, the house of fiery Mars, where the Moon gets debilitated. According to Vedic astrology, the Moon signifies the mind, emotions, desires, and feelings. The debilitated Moon could make you impulsive and lose your emotional balance on this day. Hence, engaging in self-introspection and spending time for religious acts can help soothe your mind and strike a balance over your emotions.

Dos and Don’ts on Eclipse Day:

  • Observe fasting on May 26, 2021, during the eclipse period, if health permits
  • Try not to cook or eat anything during eclipse time
  • Chant “Om Nama Shivaya” or “Om Namo Narayanaya” during the eclipse time
  • Listen to Vishnu Sahasranamam (1000 names of Vishnu) or Shiva’s Mrityunjaya Mantra
  • Pregnant ladies are advised not to expose themselves to the Moon on this day

Benefits of Observing Lunar Eclipse Rituals:

It is believed that any charitable deeds or spiritual practices performed on this day can bring multifold benefits. According to Dharma Shastra, chanting any mantras even once during the eclipse can give you multifold benefits of the sacred mantra. As the Moon’s influence on the earth plane would be high during the lunar eclipse and Moon is the significator of mind and emotions in Vedic astrology, it can affect your mind, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Hence, chanting mantras and practicing meditation on the lunar eclipse day can bring peace of mind and relax you.

Also, lunar eclipse day is ideal for performing Tarpanam to your ancestors for receiving their abundant blessings. According to Dr. Pillai, the most powerful way of feeding the souls of your ancestors is by performing Tarpanam. Apart from this, one can also be a part of Lunar Eclipse Rituals and mantra chanting to mitigate the adverse effects of the eclipse and gain control over your emotions and mind. 

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