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Astro Speaks is an online consulting platform where you can access the best Astrologers in India. Now it’s so easy to talk to the best numerologists and get proper guidance for your problems. Do it anywhere and anytime you want, too.

Brahmashri Pradeep Ajai Bhambi


16 years 5


Venkatesh Bhat

Hindi, Kannada

5 years 4


Murali Mohana Sharma

Hindi, Kannada, Telugu

25 years 4


Kapil Ratra

Hindi, Punjabi

27 years 4


Vishal Bansal


5 years 4


Rashmitha S

Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu

9 years 4



Hindi, Gujarati

26 years 4


Anuj Shukla


16 years 4


Pravesh Kumar


6 years 4


Best Numerologists in India

All human beings have a strong desire to know the future. There are many methods to do this, too. One is Astrology, which is based on the idea that planets influence the lives of human beings. The planets position in the sky, when a person is born, shapes his/her personality and destiny. But astrology is just one science that reveals the future. Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot card readings, etc., are other occult sciences, which are used in predicting the future. In Numerology, numbers are used to decipher human behavior. It is also a predictive science like astrology. All the nine planets which influence human life are associated with a particular number. When a person is born, he is ruled by a key planet that has a number. This number will dominate his /her appearance, thought, emotions, likes, dislikes, career, health, relationships, etc.

Numbers and their Significance

The occult sciences underscore the fact that nothing that happens in life is by chance. The things that happen to us, the people we meet in life, they are all there for a reason. Like Astrology, Numerology offers us a way to understand ourselves and our lives. Why do some people attract luck and others don’t? Why do some people have many friends and others find it difficult to make friends? The numbers in our life know the reason why. If your birthday is on the 8th or 17th or 26th, the number that rules you is 8. This is the number of the planet, Saturn. And Saturn is a serious planet, which may explain why you find it hard to make friends. Take the case of relationships. Perhaps you and your lover are having frequent fights. A numerological study may reveal that your number is not compatible with your lover’s number.

Thus Numerology can be applied to all aspects of your life to understand why certain things are working or not working for you. Once you understand, you can change things for the better, with the help of a good numerologist. There are many benefits to Numerology.

A good numerologist can calculate your destiny number and life path number from which he/she can describe your character, strengths and weaknesses, your life purpose, profession, finances, health, relationships, etc. With the help of a Numerology report, you will be able to make the right choices and decisions. Numerology helps to create better relationships. The numerologist will analyze your personality and also explain what your loved ones expect from you. This helps to form good bonds. Your Life Path Number reveals the real you - your strengths and weaknesses, personality, and favorable and unfavorable times. This helps you plan for important events. Your Destiny Number can reveal what you are destined to do in life. It can be calculated from the letters in your name. Together, the destiny number and life path number can guide you to make the right decisions related to career, marriage, relationships, finances, etc. Also, Numerology can be used to change your name for better prospects in your life.

Astro Speaks is a very popular platform used by people looking for the best Numerologists in India. You can reach them with a click and get a consultation in real time. Some of the best Numerologists in India are part of our platform, and they have vast and rich experience in their field. Since this is an online platform, getting an appointment with a good Numerologist of your choice is quick and easy.

Famous Numerologists Online

At Astro Speaks, we select numerologists on the basis of their experience and expertise. Some of them are the best in the entire country. They are consulted not only by people in India but also abroad. Many people have, on the advice of our top Numerologists, changed the names of their company, house, products, website domain name, their own names, their children’s names, etc., and found great success. Numerology can decipher the energies of a property, an address, a city or country you want to move to, and tell you whether it’s in harmony with your energies. You can interact with the Numerologist of your choice using our Talk to an Astrologer feature, in real time, and seek answers to your queries, from the comfort of your home. It’s a completely hassle-free way of consulting the best Numerologists and that too, at a nominal charge. Sign up with Astro Speaks now and learn how to make the numbers work in your favor.



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'Astro Speaks,' is an initiative of AstroVed, that brings together the best astrologers from all over the world and offers them a platform to make their services available to people who need help with various life problems. For our members, get instant answers to your pressing questions, just log in and place a call to the astrologer of your choice.

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