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What Is Hanuman Homam: Cost, Vidhi And Benefits

May 9, 2023 | Total Views : 488
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People usually perform Hanuman Homam for prosperity and happiness as well as protection from evil eyes and negative energies. Hanuman is a monkey god who was also Rama’s most ardent follower.

Some believe that Hanuman is a form of Shiva called Rudra. Hanuman is one of the 8 immortals in Hindu mythology, and devotees believe that he is still living amongst them.

When Vishnu incarnated as Rama, supposedly the other Gods took birth on earth as monkeys and bears to help Rama fight Ravana. Lakshmana, Rama’s brother, and Hanuman are supposedly the incarnations of Sheshnag and Shiva, respectively.

Hanuman, who signifies loyalty and fidelity, is believed to be the twelfth Rudra or manifestation of Shiva. Hanuman is a powerful god who defends his devotees against all kinds of danger and protects them from curses and evil eyes.

Hanuman Homam is essential for those who seek protection from negative energies. It can also bestow success in one’s endeavors and peace of mind for those who suffer from unwanted fears and anxiety.

The Homam is a powerful remedy to eliminate Doshas, evil forces, and malefic planetary combinations in the birth chart.

All about Hanuman

Hanuman, or Anjaneya, represents power and courage. He is a devoted follower of Rama. A common image of Hanuman shows him with his chest open, revealing Rama and Sita within his heart. This indicates his devotion and love for Rama.

Another powerful image of Hanuman is the Panchamukha Hanuman with 5 faces. One face is his own, while the other faces are those of Hayagriva, Narashima, Garuda, and Varaha.

His parents were Anjana and Kesari. The Wind God, Vayu, is also referred to as his father often, as he played the role of a facilitator in his birth. His weapon is the Gada. His favorite foods are Urad dal vada and laddoo. The colors red and orange are often associated with him. His birthday is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti.

Tuesdays and Saturdays are the auspicious days to perform Hanuman Homam. During the Hanuman Homam, Mantras are chanted to invoke Hanuman, and then the Homam is performed by following Vedic procedures.

Significance of Hanuman Homam

Hanuman is also called Sankat Mochan or ‘one who removes suffering’. He has the power to free his devotees from sorrow and afflictions. The Homam can give you the confidence to confront and overcome your challenges. It helps you tap into Hanuman’s immense strength, courage, and power. It can help you achieve the impossible.

The Homam is also good for those who wish to strengthen their marital bond, which is plagued by constant fights and arguments. All obstacles in your life can be removed with this powerful Homam. It can bring many positive outcomes like success, peace, and wealth in your life.

Hanuman is worshipped during the Kapeeshwara Pooja. Mars represents Hanuman in Vedic astrology, and the Pooja is performed to appease the planet Mars, which can cause many problems in life. The Pooja also invokes Rama’s blessings.

Hanuman Homam invokes five divinities in one single ceremony. Their blessings can bring immense benefits to the devotee.

How to Perform Hanuman Homam

The rituals include Kalash Sthapana, which includes Gauri Ganesh, Punyavachan, Shadosh, Matrika, and Navagrahas; Panchang; 64 yogini Pooja; Shetrapal Pooja; SwastiVachans; Sankalpa; Ganesh Pooja; Abishek Navagraha Pooja; and 108 chants of each planetary Mantra. Other rituals include Hanuman Mantra Japa, Hanuman Path Chalisa, Yajna, and Aarti.

  •  ∙ Clean the space where you intend to perform the Pooja.
  • ∙ Offer prayers to Hanuman.
  • ∙ Wash Hanuman’s idol with water.
  • ∙ Sprinkle some water over the place where you are performing the Pooja, and then sprinkle some water on yourself.
  • ∙ Put the Hanuman idol on a red cloth.
  • ∙ Apply kumkum paste to the Hanuman idol.
  • ∙ Light a diya and incense sticks.
  • ∙ Offer Hanuman flowers and food.

The Mantra which is chanted when performing Hanuman Homam is:

Om Reeng Hreem Markata Markadaya Swaha


Om Anjaneyaya Swaha

Benefits of Hanuman Homam

Hanuman Homam can bestow good health, vigor, strength, and courage. It helps you to overcome obstacles and gain peace of mind. It can bestow leadership skills. He helps you to become more dependable and trustworthy like himself.

The Homam can improve your life as it enables you to gain knowledge, wisdom, and power. It has the power to cure illnesses. It also gives you the strength to overcome your illness. One can gain mental tranquillity and inspiring ideas by performing the Hanuman Homam.

It is best to perform the Homam during Hanuman Jayanti..

The Homam can bestow confidence, a warrior mentality, and a bold attitude.

It shields you from evil.

It boosts mental and physical development.

It reduces the effects of unfavorable planetary combinations.

It brings relief to those who are undergoing Shani Sade Sati.

It helps neutralize Saturn-related problems in the birth chart.

It enables you to channel positive energy.

It instills traits like courage and tenacity.

It can bring good luck.

It can bring relief from debts.


During the Hanuman Homam, one should chant Hanuman Chalisa as it can bring peace of mind and confidence. You will gain the courage to resist negativity. Hanuman is known to help those who have debts and other financial problems.


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