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Vaastu for Home

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,474
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These days we refer to Vaastu Shastra generally for deciding the direction through which we can allow favorable energies to flow into our houses. It addresses our concerns like, what direction we should be facing while carrying out certain activities like eating, praying, sleeping and so on.


Vaastu Shastra also guides us in knowing the proper position for doors, windows, furniture, electronic goods and others in our houses and offices so that we can prevent being caught amidst conflicting energies. Vaastu awareness shot into prominence because it is believed that things kept in particular directions generate healthy energy and good luck in house or office.

What guidance does Vaastu consultant generally give us?

Designing interiors of your house in consultation with Vaastu shastra is considered a wise decision - how to design your flat or house so that the kitchen can be in the appropriate side, or which is the appropriate direction for your main door, or the appropriate position of your bathrooms and so on. A Vaastu consultant will guide you to find the appropriate placement for things in your house such as television, computer, bed, sofa sets, storage shelves, lockers, plants, stove and so on. So it guides you about where to keep your dining table in the house so that you would be facing the East while eating, or, where in your house you can build your cupboards so that it generates good wealth energy and so on.


Why we need Vaastu Shastra consultation?

Five primordial elements (such as Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space) comprise our Nature and they constitute all living things too. These five elements of Nature generate certain energies such as Solar energy, Lunar energy, Electric energy, Thermal energy, Wind energy, Light energy and Magnetic energy. Vaastu Shastra studies each of the basic elements and the energy they emit. Such studies can help us in many ways: Based on the energy waves, Vaastu can tell us about the directions considered favorable for certain aspects of our lives. For e.g.

  • Building cupboards for valuables and lockers located in the north side of the house provides good energy for wealth creation.
  • Kitchen in the South-east direction brings healthy energy and so on.
  • As North-east corner of the house is considered holy, the place should be utilized for holy purposes such as worshipping god.
  • If somebody is suffering from chronic illness based on the patient’s horoscope, the Astrologer will be able to identify the place in the house where the sick person should be positioned or the place where patient’s medicine can be placed. The medicine will have the positive energy of the planets and help the patient recover or be diagnosed with correct cause of the ailment to proceed with correct treatment.
  • Sometimes two or three of the energies may come into conflict and create a disharmony or adverse effects. To avoid such occurrences Vaastu advises that TV, computers and telephones should not be kept in the North-east corner of the house, Southward portion of the house should be more elevated than the northern side to preserve magnetic energy from the north, or South-west facing doors should be avoided and so on.

How astrological analysis contribute to Vaastu studies?

  • Every one of us carries a certain kind of energy and our birth-charts represents the type of energy of the cosmos we carry within us. So studying planetary energies within us and knowing the favorable directions of the energies will help in bringing us happiness and good-luck. So Astrology and Vaastu is an amalgamation of Personalized planetary energies and the benefits they derive from Natural directions.
  • It is a guidance to make use of the space and direction in our house for better living and improvement in any area of life. It will identify the favorable and fortunate direction in your house. The Astrologer will be able to map your positive energies with respect to natural direction for any area of your life and also that of your family members.

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