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What can I buy on Akshaya Tritiya 2021?

April 2, 2021 | Total Views : 1,158
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Akshaya Tritiya is an important day for Hindus. This festival honors Vishnu who is said to have incarnated many times on earth to overthrow the forces of evil. On Akshaya Tritiya day, devotees wear yellow clothes after a bath and worship Vishnu and his consort, Goddess Lakshmi. People also make offerings of yellow flowers to the deities and give many kinds of donations to the needy.

It is believed that Akshaya Tritiya is a day that brings good fortune. Whatever work is begun on this day, it will have an auspicious or positive outcome. For this reason, people make it a practice to celebrate this day by buying gold or silver, investing in property, or by launching new ventures. This is also considered a very good day for couples to tie the knot and embark on a ong and happy marriage.

Akshaya Tritiya is on the third day of Vaisakha (May-June) month, according to the Hindu calendar. It is also called Akha Teej. 

The festival’s auspiciousness is for many reasons. It is the birthday of Parashurama, one among the ten avatars of Vishnu. Also, on this day, Sudama, a friend of Lord Krishna, went to visit him, hoping to get some help from his rich and powerful friend. Krishna filled his life with abundance on this day. On this day, a new yuga also began as Satya Yuga came to an end and Treta Yuga started. 

Being a day that heralds new beginnings, prosperity, and wealth, Hindus purchase gold and silver on this day as they believe that their wealth will go on increasing for the rest of the year by doing so. Also, people enter new partnerships or launch new projects, worship Goddess Lakshmi, and observe fast. The festival of Akshaya Tritiya is also important, as on this day, supposedly the line of destiny changes. This makes the day very significant.

 As part of celebrating Akshaya Tritiya 2021, one can buy four things on this lucky day:


‘Akshaya’ means ‘never reducing’, and hence it is believed that purchasing gold on Akshaya Tritiya day brings ever-increasing prosperity and wealth. Thus, it is a tradition to buy gold or silver on this auspicious day. Purchasing gold is also a way to invest one’s hard-earned money as gold has high value and is universally accepted.
There are many ways of investing in gold-- either buy it in the form of jewelry, gold bars, coins, or invest in Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). 

Buy a new vehicle

Akshaya Tritiya being an auspicious day, people can also buy a new vehicle (if they were planning to buy one) on this day. People feel that a vehicle bought on this day will have a long life-span. Also, you can get some great discounts on vehicles for Akshaya Tritiya.

A new house

As it is an auspicious day, many people purchase homes on Akshaya Tritiya, too. Many property dealers/ builders too offer attractive discounts on this day. Other than purchasing a new house, if you want to get your house renovated or have a Griha Pravesh Pooja done, then this is an ideal day.

Invest in a child plan

 As said earlier, any venture started on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya is believed to bring prosperity. So, if you are a parent, it is also a good day to initiate your child's education plans to ensure better financial security and a bright future. It is better you do it sooner rather than later. Investing it on an auspicious day makes good sense.

Akshaya Tritiya 2021 is on May 14.


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