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How Sun Influences Career And Profession

June 8, 2015 | Total Views : 4,318
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Our Universe would not be very different from a Black hole in absence of the Sun. Every planet and star here derives vitality from this huge source of heat, light and energy. Sun’s grace is not limited to the planets alone; it also reaches out to human-beings and other living things on Earth. In Vedic astrology, Sun is the Celestial father who provides the vital force behind creation and its sustenance.


Characteristics derived from Sun:

From its fixed position, Sun casts its raise across the whole Zodiac path in 365 days, each sign receiving its direct rays for a month. In the Zodiac, Sun rules the sign Leo. When an individual is a Leo, or the Sun is located in a favorable position in natal chart, he or she derives from the Sun’s characteristics such as strong-will, individuality, boldness, energy, dignity, optimism, good ambition, good reputation, and brilliant wisdom. If unfavorably placed, the individual is likely to possess qualities like anger, jealousy, lavishness, over-ambitious and egoistic. An unfavorable Sun may also bring about lack of rational thinking, lack of self-confidence and negative attitude.


Effects of good Sun on profession:

A strong or favorable Sun in a horoscope confers qualities that make individuals good or a preferred professional. Sun gives an individual the charm of royalty in his or her demeanor. He will be stately, and command respect of subordinates. He will adopt the right path, adhere to rules and delegate work in a democratic manner. Even if a person is in a commanding position, he or she would never wear an autocratic attitude. Sun in association with Mars tends to make individuals autocratic and impulsive in approach.

Career options when Sun is with other planets in a chart:

An individual who is in the good books of Sun, have inclinations in careers like civil or government services, politics, administrative jobs, managerial posts like position of vice-president or CEO of an organization, or head of a team, jobs involving speculations and also optometry. When Sun in a natal-chart is in association with other planets, it indicates favorable energy for certain professional pursuits. When Sun is with or aspected by Jupiter, the individual may become a doctor, magistrate, mayor, head of a local body or a scientist. When Sun is with or aspected by Venus, the individual may become an architect or event manager. When Sun is with or aspected by Mars, the individual may join air-force, defence, or navy. When Sun is with or aspected by Mercury, the individual may prefer to work as a consultant, project manager or a service provider to a government department. When Sun is with or aspected by Saturn, the individual would be in a position with lot of responsibilities and his promotion or appreciation from others would come after a long toil of hard work.

Effect of Sun’s presence in different Houses:

When Sun is in the Ascendant house of an individual, he or she will be in an authoritative position as leader of a group, or CEO of a company. In 3rd House, Sun will grace an individual to command respect and assistance from subordinates and implement his responsibilities through them. In 6th House, Sun will help individuals in promotion and in being appreciated at work though these fruits of career will be delayed. In 7th House, Sun will create clashes or problems between people in judiciary and those in executive jobs. In 10th and 11th Houses, Sun will provide individuals with right wisdom to grab opportunities quickly, gain esteemed positions and occupy important positions at the center to handle proper delegation of work. In 12th House, Sun may bring about loss of authority. He or she may be subjected to decentralization of responsibilities. In Vedic culture, the Cosmic father and the vital life force is propitiated through chanting of mantra and observing rituals like fasting on Sundays, offering food like wheat and jaggery to others or gifting gold or copper.

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  • Murthy
    5th house position is missing
    May 9, 2016
    Very informative.
    November 16, 2015