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How Astrology can help you with Relationships?

June 8, 2015 | Total Views : 3,208
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Relationships are sometimes enchanting, sometimes distressing. That is because different energies play up during different moments of time. If the energies are favorable, you will cherish happy moments but if they are not, you cannot remain unscathed.


What are these energies and why should we be impacted by them? These energies emanate from different planets and as we are a part of this universe, we are impacted by these energies in every aspect of our life. This is the core essence of the study of Astrology. Astrology gives us the knowledge to identify these energies, their inherent nature and how their behavior will be in the course of time so that we remain aware of the changes likely to unfold in our life and prepare ourselves accordingly.


Each individual, according to Astrology,is a combination of these planetary energies. When two individuals bond in a relationship, their respective energies, having peculiarities of their own,play close to each other.How their relationship will evolve is the subject matter of horoscope compatibility in astrology.

What an astrologer will see in your chart to predict about your relationship?

1st House in your horoscope/Birth star - Your innate nature : The first house is where the Ascendant or the Lagna is. It is called the House of Self. Your personality, your view on life and how you will realize your best self will be gauged by studying this House. Your birth star, determined on the basis of position of Moon, would also deeply influence your behavior and your approach to life. 5th House–House of Romance and Love-affairs : Influence of the planetary energies on the 5th House indicates how you express yourself romantically. Unrequited love, crushes and extra-marital affairs are determined by studying your 5th House. 7th House –House of Partnership : While the 5th House is about the beginnings we make in relationships, the 7th House indicates commitments like marriage and stability of relationships. The placement of planets in the 7th House will indicate the nature and appearance of your spouse. If there are no planets in the House then the significator of the 7thHouse will be studied for clues. For e.g. If your 7th House is occupied by Sun then your spouse will be good-hearted, generous and dignified. He/she would be spectacled, having sharp nose. If however, Moon is positioned in the House then the spouse will be home-loving, affectionate and sensitive and will have an attractive appearance. 11th House – House of Fulfillment of Desires : It is the house of our hopes and dreams. Studying the planets in the 11th House or the location of the ruler of the 11th House is necessary to determine how far your love desires will be fulfilled or what kind of obstructions you may have. Position of Venus, Mars and Saturn : Venus in your chart signifies your romantic partner. Its position will indicate your perception of relationship and affection. If present in the sign Taurus, Venus makes a person possessive in loveand he/she sometimes feels threatened by high-paced, high energy situations whereas if housed in Aries, it makes a person aggressive at times impulsive in love matters. While Venus bonds couple together, Mars gives them energy and passion. However, if afflicted in a horoscope it creates conflicts in relationship. Saturn too can cause hindrances like delay in marriage, if badly positioned in a horoscope.

Astrology for improving Relationship

Astrology helps us take intelligent decisions for our relationships as it is aware of energies that will be influencing us at various stages of our life. It not just envisions what it is likely to unfold but also gives remedies to ameliorate the present quality of lifethrough propitiation of the respective planetary energies.

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